I have worked in the travel industry for over 10 years, starting off as a travel consultant in Auckland, before moving to be part of the Air/BSP team for House of Travel in New Zealand.

In November 2018 I decided it was time to explore somewhere new so I moved to London. After a brief break from travel, I felt the calling once again and was lucky enough to secure my current role at Simplexity Travel.

My love affair with travel began at a very young age with my first overseas trip to New Caledonia at just 13 months old. I then spent over four years living in the incredibly beautiful - and warm - town of Madang in Papua New Guinea.

I remember counting over 70 stamps in my first passport by the time it expired!

After finishing school, the travel industry was always my first career choice. I began as a consultant, but quickly realised the administration side was where I felt most comfortable. With accountants for parents, it was probably only a matter of time before I found myself doing something similar. So I guess you could say it was destiny that has now led me to working in the accounts department at Simplexity Travel!


Having only moved to the UK a few months ago I love to jump on a train or a plane and go explore new cities and slowly tick off the list of dream places to visit. However if I’m not away you can find me grabbing brunch at some of the many incredible cafes around London exploring all that the different suburbs/areas have to offer, followed up but most likely going to see my favourite bands in concert or seeing the latest smash hit on the west end.

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