I am the current Head of Business Development at Simplexity Travel. Simplexity Travel is one of the leading travel management companies in the UK. We arrange both business and leisure travel on behalf of busy professionals who seek luxury and an outstanding service. As the Head of Business Development I am tasked with both identifying new business prospects and servicing an extensive list of clientele, from large companies to ultra-high net worth individuals. I have a vast wealth of knowledge when it comes to executive travel management. I was first appointed to the role in 2011 when Simplexity launched.

I am also part of the key booker team at Simplexity. Here, I have a direct role in the company’s business activities and in particular helping clients with their travel needs, often at extremely short notice. I feel like I excel in this role and together with Simplexity, we have built a formidable reputation in the Travel Management industry.


In my spare time, I – predictably – love to travel, with some of my favourite destinations being Thailand, South Africa, Dubai and New York.

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