I manage areas of new business and partnerships here at Simplexity Travel. Negotiating new travel contracts with corporate clients ensuring we can deliver on their required levels of service every time and on budget. I also assist the Head of Business Development with our marketing efforts and agreeing partnerships that allow the Simplexity brand to shine. London born and bred, when I was younger the idea of being able to travel around the world, observing staggering feats of architecture and mingling with people from different cultures seemed an impossible ambition.

The perception of travelling the world, whether that be on a budget or on a luxury ticket, seemed costly and was definitely not a priority after my drama degree. ‘Why spend £1000 on a ticket to Australia when I could be saving for a car or a house’ was very much my attitude. This was until I was persuaded to save up and take a trip to Thailand. My first day in the jungle with my military friends that were taking a break from a tour in Afghanistan blew my mind. Nature at its finest. The Images I had seen on the television and in magazines can do no justice to what I was confronted with. I was gripped, overwhelmed with excitement, and that’s where it all started.

My aim working in travel is to ensure that every one of my clients share that excitement I once felt, and continue to have for the industry. Whether that be for a three day business trip or a luxury escape half way across the world. Above all, working with Simplexity, our clients are able to obtain great value for money and leverage off of the vast levels of experience the amazing team here have.

Working with corporate clients can be very different to working with our leisure customers. I would love every company that has a need to travel for their business to experience Simplexity. See how different we are as we look after them every step of the way.

Unlike some of my international peers, I am limited to only speaking a basic level of French, but as I continue to travel the world in my spare time it’s my goal to have a few more languages under my belt over the next 5years. I am big fan of some of the historic cities in Europe and have travelled to many of them, however after travelling to the Caribbean, explored America, Australia, India and the Middle-East, Thailand still has a special place in my heart.

Contact me if you would like to explore our services… or even for just a chat about the world.


My interests mostly surround the topic of travelling to warm countries and fine dining. I love both the classic style of fine dining but also the modern experimental restaurants. My favourite being Hakkasan.  I am also a huge Formula One fan and try and see as many live races as I can each year.

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