Skift has reported how the recently introduced 14-day quarantine period will have a significant impact on corporate travel managers, affecting suppliers not only in the UK, but other countries as well.

“For those UK airlines and travel-related businesses that are already under financial pressure, this quarantine requirement will push them off the cliff if this is to be maintained over time,” said industry analyst Hans Joergen Elnaes. “The new quarantine regulation is also likely to cripple airports and prolong recovery from COVID-19.”
While the new regulation that the UK faces effectively rules out any form of inbound business travel, returning employees will also be affected.

“If an employee needs to travel to a destination that requires quarantine on arrival and then return to the UK, businesses are effectively looking at the employee being away for a minimum of one month for a one-day trip with 14 days’ quarantine at either end,” commented Kate Suddards, director of Bollin Consultancy.
However, the current exemption for passengers from France and the Republic of Ireland could signal the start of more bilateral agreements, each one critical in driving economic recovery.

Said Suddards: “With the mention of Ireland and France being exempt, are we looking to replicate a travel bubble similar to Australia and New Zealand. Could this be extended further to other European countries such as Germany?”
She added that a Vienna-style approach to testing could be an alternative option and potentially ease movements. Vienna Airport is offering 190-euro coronavirus tests to arrivals to bypass quarantine.
Heathrow Airport, meanwhile, has also called for a plan to reopen borders to speed up recovery.
As the UK industry waits for more details, corporates will need to take stock of each country’s legislation.