The gateway to the immortal Atlas Mountains and the vast Sahara Desert, Marrakech is an intoxicating city famous for its souks, spices, snake charmers and hidden palaces. Although steeped in history, these days Morocco’s fourth largest city is becoming increasingly well-known for its trendy art galleries, hip hotels and elegant hammams.

It is still to the Medina however where most visitors gravitate. The ageless city of pink stone has waylaid desert caravans since the 11th century, with travellers succumbing to the charms of its bluesy Gnaoua music, calls to prayer and elaborate feasts. Its dark, narrow alleyways are full of artisan workshops, shrines and sprawling markets. Expect to see anything from traditional Moroccan tea to fortune tellers and dancing cobras to vast cauldrons of food entertaining visitors throughout the day and night.

Beyond old Marrakech, a modern 21st century city is fast developing, particularly in the pulsating district known as Gueliz. The city that lured hedonists and idealists in the 20th century now attracts fashionistas and trendy urbanites in search of luxury spas and chic bars. It is this contrast that makes today’s Marrakech so fascinating.

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