Where would you like to travel in Asia? What kind of exotic sights and sensations would you like to experience?


There is a incredible variety of landscape, history and culture contained within the vast continent of Asia – all encapsulated by four mere letters – to allow a quick summary of this kaleidoscopic, fascinating collection of countries.


Stretching out from the mountains around the Black Sea in the west to the snow fields of Siberia in the east, Asia is bounded by the Pacific Ocean and Indian Oceans to the east and south, and by the Arctic Ocean to the north. It fringes Australia to its southeast and Europe and the Urals to the west.


Within this diverse area, you will find more people and cities than there are in the rest of the world put together.


Asia’s highest point is the iconic Mount Everest, the world’s tallest mountain. Situated along the border of Tibet and Nepal the mountain rises to a colossal 8,848 metres (29,028 feet) above sea level.


Running its way through vast swathes of Asia is its longest river, the Yangtze. It flows 6,300 km (3,915 miles) through China carrying its waters all the way from the high Tibetan plateau to the business districts of Shanghai.



The largest lake in all Asia is, confusingly enough, the Caspian Sea. This spans 386,400 square km (149,200 square mile) and is bordered by several of the central Asian nations.


Bespoke holidays in Asia can be arranged in the desert ruins and modern mega-malls of the Middle East, among the magnificent ancient monuments of South Asia or on the exotic beaches of South-East Asia. You might choose to trek across mountains or through pristine rainforest, or else to visit the business capitals of India and China.


Asia offers something for those looking for luxury and comfort and also those seeking adventure. Within this continent there are countless different realities to experience. On the one hand, there are the metropolises of Japan and the East Asian tiger economies of Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. On the other, you have Afghanistan, Laos and East Timor whose poverty contrasts sharply with eastern prosperity.


Of course, there are also many countries lying somewhere in the middle, such as the emerging powerhouses of China and India which make wonderful travel destinations in themselves due to their long history, size, contemporary significance, traditional cultures and diversity.


There are also tourist magnets such as Thailand and the Philippines, where great food, a tropical climate, fascinating culture and great beaches combine to make all this worrying about defining Asia rather futile. These are places to just simply enjoy the good life.


Where can we take you in Asia?


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