The same attractions that brought British settlers to Antigua in the 17th century have been enticing trade, businesses and tourists ever since.

Located in the centre of the Leeward Islands, Antigua boasts a varied coastline dotted with golden sandy beaches, surrounded by calm turquoise waters and a protective coral reef teeming with tropical fish.

Add to that bright sunshine, cooling trade winds and a laid-back attitude and it is no surprise that the tiny nation made up of Antigua and its smaller sister island Barbuda, has managed to become one of the Caribbean’s most popular tourist spots.

Your Travel Managers for Antigua & Barbuda will be able to guide you to the luxury resort that’s perfect for you, where you will enjoy the good life in style. Miles of sandy beaches are fringed by protected nature reserves with some spectacular wildlife both above the water – in the superb bird sanctuary on Barbuda – and beneath the waves, with world-class snorkelling and scuba diving among the romantic shipwrecks that pepper the colourful coral reefs.

Those friendly trade winds that once propelled Horatio Nelson to the islands today contribute to one of the world’s biggest maritime events, Sailing Week.

Away from the beaches the largest city is St John’s, situated on Antigua. Here you can brush up on your knowledge of maritime history before indulging in a spot of relaxed shopping and refined dining. Codrington on Barbuda is the place to explore offshore shipwrecks and to admire the island’s unique bird population.

There is plenty to do in Antigua & Barbuda, but first you will have to pull yourself away from the spectacular beaches, which many visitors come to enjoy. To a backdrop of calypso, steel bands and reggae, and the distant clunk of a cricket ball hitting a bat, Antigua is the place to dig your toes in the sand, close your eyes and just relax.


Antigua and Barbuda are blessed with a pleasant year-round climate. The average daily temperature only drops a few degrees in winter (December to March) from its usual inviting 27 degrees Centigrade (81 degrees Fahrenheit).

Antigua and Barbuda are fairly dry throughout most of the year, but between September and November you should expect daily showers.

Those cool breezes can pick up during the islands’ hurricane season (June to November).


English is the official language, but you will find a heavy use of patois garnished by a sometimes thick accent.

Passport Visa

Everyone is expected to hold confirmed onward or return tickets and to be in possession of sufficient funds for their stay. Visa extensions are possible should you not be able to tear yourself away. Please check rules around visa requirements before you travel, as they may change regularly.


Most visits to Antigua and Barbuda are trouble-free but you should avoid isolated beaches after dark and keep an eye on the weather forecasts during hurricane season (June to November).

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