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Capital of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Nassau’s low-rise sprawl dominates the eastern half of New Providence Island.

Nassau is the gritty, vivacious alter ego to the relaxed character of most of the Bahamas. The country’s only city, it teems with haring jitneys, bawling straw-goods vendors, rum-happy locals and endless waves of cruise-ship passengers.

Stay at the beautiful Ocean Club – A Four Seasons Resort. Situated on Paradise Island, a ribbon of white sand and azure sea that is regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful natural beaches, it is reached via two bridges from the Bahamas main island where Nassau is situated.  


The climate is best described as subtropical, identical to that of South Florida. The area usually experiences very warm, humid weather throughout the year, although cooler nights in the 40s and cold snaps have occasionally been experienced during the winter.

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