The British Virgin Islands are blessed with an abundance of natural beauty. Known as ‘Nature’s Little Secrets’, the numerous islands that make up this Caribbean archipelago have successfully managed to keep the impact of tourism to an absolute minimum, whilst offering unspoilt anchorages to those who love to hoist a jib and set their sails.

The islands may be nature’s secret but they are a sailor’s dream, and the BVIs are one of the world’s sailing hot spots.

More than a third of the islands are uninhabited, but even those with settlements offer totally unblemished beaches and a relaxed, low-key lifestyle. If you come to potter between the islands you’ll find plenty to captivate you: set sail into the steady trade winds on calm currents and you’ll discover no end of idyllic bays with beautiful ocean vistas, exotic fauna and colourful flora.

There’s not an awful lot here to remind you of Britain, even though the territories rightfully belong to Her Majesty. They are situated about 50 miles (80km) east of Puerto Rico and just northeast of the US Virgin Islands.

The islands and cays cluster around the Sir Francis Drake Channel, whose sheltered, crystal-clear waters make this such a popular destination for yachting enthusiasts. Indeed, the largest island, Tortola, is the yachting capital of the Caribbean.

Tortola’s mountainous slopes are bedecked in tropical fruits and flowers, and the island makes an ideal base for further exploration. 

Virgin Gorda offers spectacular geological formations and one of the British Virgin Islands’ most famous landmarks: the spectacular beaches and caves of The Baths National Park. Here you will also find Oil Nut Bay, the ultimate collection of luxury villas that offer a holiday experience full of comfort and serenity, in a sustainable residence that is at harmony with nature and the environment. 

Travellers in search of an exotic idyll should set sail for the friendly beach haven of Jost Van Dyke, to take in the smell of baking banana bread and the lilting refrains of calypso music.

Or perhaps the reefs surrounding Anagada’s low-lying coral atoll will be closer to your idea of Heaven. Miles of deserted white beaches stretch out toward the horizon, while yet more hidden pleasures lie beneath the lapping waves. Whether you take in the subaquatic sights scuba diving or snorkelling, you are in for an unforgettable experience.

Besides the major islands, there are also literally hundreds of secluded islets and cays to discover and explore, each blessed with their own special charm and unique beauty.




The British Virgin Islands have a sub-tropical climate with high humidity, yet the heat is refreshingly moderated by trade winds. Average temperatures in summer are 26-31 degrees Celsius (79-88 degrees Fahrenheit), while the nominal winter lows only reach 22-28 degrees Celsius (72-82 degrees Fahrenheit).




English is spoken throughout the islands.


Passport Visa


A passport valid for the duration of stay is required along with proof of ongoing journey, sufficient means and pre-arranged accommodation. The nationals of most countries do not require a visa for stays up to one month. Please check the rules around visa requirements before you travel, as they may change regularly.




The British Virgin Islands have a very low crime rate, yet the usual precautions should still be taken regarding valuables. The islands are susceptible to hurricanes particularly during the months between June and November.


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