The Caribbean island of Puerto Rico promises all you would expect – and a little bit more.

There are the pristine white sandy beaches, a gorgeous tropical climate, crystal-blue sea and the welcoming shade of the coconut palms that symbolise the Caribbean.

Yet in Puerto Rico, you will also find that its Spanish colonial heritage mingles with something different. For Puerto Rico today is the territory of the United States, which brought to the natural attractions of the island the a first-world infrastructure.

This is great news for visitors looking for luxury bespoke holidays in Puerto Rico. There is still that appealing, traditional Latin American culture, with familiar homegrown comforts, too.

Gourmet foods are just as available as local, island dishes like sancocho, and freeways connect you to your luxury beachfront hotels.

The other distinguishing feature of the island is that, unlike many other Caribbean resorts, it remains refreshingly undeveloped, except for the area around its capital city, San Juan. So, you will not struggle to find some magnificent beaches that are mostly uncommercialised, but which are easily accessible.

Puerto Rico is a small and compact island. This, and the excellent roads, makes exploring its coast and interior a real delight. There are numerous interesting attractions and unrivalled experiences, from the world’s largest radio telescope to the magical pleasure of swimming at night, amongst tiny phosphorescent creatures on the offshore island of Vieques.

Historically Taino Indians originally inhabited Puerto Rico, until the arrival of Christopher Columbus and the Spaniards. Little remains of the indigenous people, but the island’s capital and larger towns have preserved their Spanish heritage, and the historic sights are charming.

Puerto Rico is a hybrid of old and new, which makes it an intriguing cultural destination, rather than just another tropical island paradise.


Puerto Rico enjoys a warm, tropical climate with temperatures of around 27 degrees Celsius (82 degrees Fahrenheit) throughout the year. In the south of the island it is usually a few degrees hotter than its north, and temperatures in the mountainous interior are inevitably cooler.

Puerto Rico’s dry season runs between November and May, but you should expect short showers throughout the year.

The hurricane season is between June and November, but generally there is plenty of warning if any danger is imminent.


Spanish and English are the official languages of Puerto Rico.

Passport Visa

Entry requirements for Puerto Rico are the same as for the United States of America. When arriving from mainland USA there is no immigration control.

You should ensure you hold an onward or return ticket and it is highly recommended that your passport has at least six months’ validity. Rules around visa requirements are always changing, so visitors must check official rules before traveling.


Visits to Puerto Rico are usually trouble-free, but travellers should take the usual precautions against petty theft and street crime.

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