Romania has emerged from the effects of its communist rule and the excesses of Ceausescu to offer visitors a rewarding opportunity to explore its alpine scenery, atmospheric forests, medieval towns and turreted cliff-top castles – which, of course, come complete with legends of vampires such as the chilling Count Dracula.

Simplexity, your UK travel company for Romania, can help you discover the wonders of this underrated eastern European destination. There is much to enjoy throughout the country’s diverse topography, – from the stunning mountains of Transylvania via rolling hills and rural farmlands to the white sandy beaches and resorts along the Black Sea Coast.

Dotting Romania’s natural landscape are quaint villages where local people live as they have for hundreds of years, along with an abundance of historic religious architecture, including the exquisitely painted monasteries of Bucovina.

The capital city, Bucharest, is fast reinventing itself as it is restored to its former glory. It now boasts elegant restaurants, a revitalised nightlife and cultural attractions such as the National History Museum, Stavropoleos Church and Monastery, and the Palace of Parliament.

Meanwhile, towering on the horizon, lies the dramatic alpine scenery of the Carpathian Mountains with their spectacular ski resorts, fantastic hiking country and fairy-tale castles.

There is much more to Romania than the inviting, laid-back Black Sea resorts which first tempted adventurous global travellers a little way off the beaten path.


Romania has a continental climate with four distinct seasons. Spring and autumn are relatively cool and pleasant for an activity-based break, and the summer months of June to August average a humid 21 degrees Celsius in the capital, Bucharest – while the southerly resorts may be still several degrees warmer. Winters are cold, with average winter temperatures in December to February hovering either side of freezing.


Romanian is the official language, but English is widely used in tourist areas.

Passport Visa

A passport valid for the duration of stay is required, and you must have onward or return tickets, proof of your booked accommodation and sufficient funds for your stay. EU citizens may gain entry with a national identity card. A visa may be required for stays over 90 days. Please check the rules around visa requirements before you travel, as they may change regularly.


There are no particular safety issues for travellers in Romania, though you should take all the usual, sensible precautions.

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