One of the largest countries in Eastern Europe, Ukraine is located on the Black Sea and has for many years been a popular holiday destination for tourists from surrounding countries – including Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova – though it is now becoming increasingly attractive to visitors from Western Europe and North America. In addition, corporate travel to Ukraine has seen a great deal of growth over recent years.

Ukraine is a country with a peculiarly rich history. It boasts more than 500 cities dating back over 900 years, where you will discover a fascinating assortment of architecture influenced over time by its diverse neighbours.

The historical capital city of Kiev is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and certainly one of the most underrated. It offers ancient streets, striking buildings, stunning scenery and a wealth of cultural and religious sights.

The earlier capital of Old Rus is also enriched with magnificent monuments such as the grandiose St Sophia’s Cathedral, which contains 11th-century mosaics and frescoes, and the Cave Monastery, the religious centre of the early Orthodox Church.

There is a wealth of stunning scenery to take in, too, all the way from the Carpathian and Crimean mountain ranges to the Black Sea and the Sea of Asov.

The southerly Crimean Peninsula is blessed by a warm climate, perfect for leisurely visits to its famous resorts and the historic cities of Sevastopol and Yalta. The Carpathian Mountains draw skiers and hikers throughout the year and, when you are aching from your exertions, both feature wonderful restorative spas to relax in. The harbour town of Odessa is known as ‘the Pearl of the Black Sea’ – and is, indeed, a real gem of a city to explore.

Cruises on the Dnieper, the fourth longest river in Europe, offer picturesque, irresistibly atmospheric voyages through Ukrainian history as you travel the 1,370 mile-long (2,205km) stretch from Kiev to the Black Sea coast.


Ukraine is generally temperate, except for its southern Crimean coast where the weather is comparable to that of the Mediterranean, if characterised by a higher average rainfall. Summers can get very hot, especially in the south, with average temperatures of 18-27 degrees Celsius (64-81 degrees Fahrenheit). There are regular snowfalls in winter (between October and April) with average temperatures of -8 to 2 degrees Celsius (17-35 degrees Fahrenheit).


Ukrainian is the official language with Russian also widely spoken.

Passport Visa

A passport valid for the duration of stay is required. EU passport holders, together with nationals of most countries, will not require a visa for a stay of up to 90 days; however, Ukraine is one of several exceptions to this rule.

Applications for tourist visas require a letter from your hotel or tour company. For business visas a letter of invitation from a company or organisation in the Ukraine is required.

Please check the rules around visa requirements before you travel, as they may change regularly.


Foreigners may occasionally be targeted for petty theft and street crime in the Ukraine, so particular care should be taken on public transport and overnight trains.

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