The Middle East is one of the most diverse regions on the planet, its people made up of numerous faiths, backgrounds and beliefs, all living together in lands which must rank among the most historic, romantic and naturally beautiful. From huge, thriving metropolises and breathtaking ancient monuments to pristine beaches and empty, silent deserts, there are few places in the world as magical as the Middle East, all overarched by clear, starry skies.

There are so many things to see and do in the Middle East that it is hard to know where to begin. But that’s what makes it so special: from the Wadi Musa in Petra, Jordan, to Israel’s Al-haram Ash-Sharif and the modern megacity of Dubai, there’s a huge range of cultural and historical attractions to discover, leisure pursuits to experience and areas of breathtaking natural beauty to explore.

With a cuisine, every bit as diverse as the people who live in the region, the Middle East has long been recognised as a culinary hotspot, so all your travels will have the added extra flavour of a culinary grand tour.

From a dish of simple yet delicious, creamy humus in a Dubai souk to grilled, salty halloumi in Beirut, there are dishes throughout the region to suit any taste – and many more local specialities such as the wonderful Palestinian mansaf (a sort of pizza covered with the full carcass of a lamb) which may be considered more of a culinary speciality!

With fantastic sunny weather all year-round, there’s no bad time to travel to this thriving part of the world.

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