Cancun has long been considered the ultimate holiday resort in Mexico. This popular coastal destination offers a sprawling complex of hotels and resorts, including a sensational selection of accommodation hand chosen for our luxury holidays in Mexico.

Cancun’s hotel zone may be populated mostly with tourists but downtown Cancun, with its heady mix of restaurants, nightclubs, shopping malls and markets, is very much a Mexican city with a reputation as a party hotspot to rival Las Vegas. Cancun’s nightlife is renowned as among the world’s best. Dozens of bars and nightclubs welcome tourists with the irresistible promise of tequila and lively music.

Make sure you try some of the local Yucatan cuisine that combines some of the best elements of Spanish and Mexican dishes. Specialities include panuchos (tortillas with fried black beans, chicken and pickled onions), cochinita pibil (suckling pig baked in banana leaves with annatto sauce) and freshly-caught local seafood.

Cancun’s beaches are picture perfect with sparkling white sand and clear blue waters. Here you will find plenty of opportunities for water sports such as sailing, surfing and paragliding. The nearby islands of Cozumel and Isla Mujeres offer quieter waters and world-class diving spots, and are also ideal for snorkelling. Kids will leap at the chance to swim with dolphins at the giant aquarium in the Xel-Ha eco theme park.

A short distance down the coast you can explore Mexican history at the Mayan archaeological sites that include the spectacular cliff-top ruins at Tulum, the pyramids at Uxmal and the famous temple complex of Chichen Itza.

Such ancient wonders are balanced by the modern attractions of Cancun’s air-conditioned shopping malls. Here you will find outstanding duty-free deals on everything from watches and jewellery to alcohol and tobacco products. There are also wonderful examples of local handicrafts that you will treasure along with your memories of Cancun.


In tropical Cancun, the average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit), with only slight variations throughout the year.

The weather in Cancun is gloriously predictable: November to February is temperate, and then the air becomes drier and hotter during March and April. May to January sees the rainy season, and tropical storms can occur between June and December.


Spanish is the official language in Mexico. Some English is spoken in tourist regions.


A visa is not required for British, EU, American, Canadian or Australian nationals who are travelling for touristic or business purposes. A landing card valid for 180 days should be provided by your airline or at your port of entry. A return/onward ticket may be required. Please check the rules around visa requirements before you travel, as they may change regularly.


Crime and violence are serious problems in Mexico and the security situation may pose a risk for foreigners. Be sure to research your destination thoroughly and only travel during daylight hours.

The Mexican government does make a special effort to protect major tourist destinations such as Cancun, so it does not experience typical levels drug-related violence and armed crime, though street crime is still common. As ever, keep your valuables out of sight and do not leave belongings – even food and drinks – unattended. When driving, avoid isolated roads and use toll roads (‘cuotas’) whenever possible. Keep car doors locked and windows closed, especially at traffic lights. Be alert on public transport, at airports and in bus stations, and beware of unlicensed taxis.

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