Colombia is a wonderful destination for intrepid and inquisitive travellers, who will be rewarded by this diverse country’s exhilarating fusion of colourful towns, both Caribbean and Pacific coasts, Andean valleys, Amazonian jungle and vast, expansive plains.

The ancient capital city of Bogota offers plenty for the business or luxury traveller – once the capital of the Chibcha Indians, today it boasts a perfect blend of old and new, teeming with Spanish colonial buildings and plazas alongside modern skyscrapers.

The world-renowned resort of Cartagena provides relaxation and pampering amidst the spectacular setting of an historic walled town. It is a medieval wonderland of palaces, monasteries, plazas and picturesque balconies. To the south of town you will find Colombia’s finest luxury resorts with excellent beaches and scuba diving opportunities.

Natural delights abound in the stunning environs of Colombia’s accessible equatorial rainforests. The Los Katios National Park in Choco contains hundreds of species of plant and animal life that have yet to be even listed by scientists. Within the vine-strewn valleys there are wondrous archaeological treasures hidden away, such as the ancient city of La Cuida Perdida and the monuments of San Augustin and Tierrodentro.

 In the pretty, hilly province of Quindio you can stay in the region that produces some of the world’s finest coffees. Many former farms have been transformed into luxury accommodation, retaining the characteristic red-tiled roofs that contrast with the exotic gardens and orderly rows of coffee bushes extending off to the horizon.


Columbia’s climate is wet and tropical. Summer sees the most rain, although downpours can be expected throughout the year.

The eastern Caribbean and Pacific coastal lowlands have an equatorial climate with high temperatures and humidity all year round. In the mountains conditions are cooler.

The warmest month in Bogota, in central Colombia, is March, when summer temperatures peak at an average of just 15 degrees Celsius (58 degrees Fahrenheit). Compare and contrast to Cartagena on the Caribbean coast, where the hottest month is May (29 degrees Celsius, 84 degrees Fahrenheit), with the coldest month of January only a few degrees cooler.


Spanish is the official language of Columbia, although indigenous languages are also used.

Passport Visa

All tourists visiting Colombia must hold a valid passport, a return ticket and proof of funds to cover their stay. A visa is not required by Australian, British, EU, Canadian or US nationals for stays up to 90 days, but may be required for other nationalities. Please check the rules around visa requirements before you travel, as they may change regularly.


Although significantly less risk is posed to travellers in recent years, visitors to Colombia should maintain a high level of vigilance due to continued terrorist attacks and drug-gang related violence.

Your Travel Manager will inform you if any areas are currently considered not safe for travel.

Floods and landslides can be common in some areas during the rainy seasons of April-May and October-November.

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