Uruguay’s capital and home to nearly half its population, Montevideo is a vibrant, eclectic place with a rich cultural heritage.

Stretching 20km from east to west, the city wears many faces, from its industrial port to the exclusive beachside suburb of Carrasco near the airport.

In the historic downtown business district, art deco and neoclassical buildings jostle for space with grimy, worn-out skyscrapers that look as if they’ve been airlifted from Havana or Ceauşescu’s Romania. Meanwhile to the southeast, the shopping malls and modern high-rises of beach communities such as Punta Carretas and Pocitos bear more resemblance to Miami or Copacabana.

Music, theatre and the arts are alive and well here – whether it’s elegant older theatres, cosy little tango bars or modern beachfront discos. The city has a strong international flavour, thanks to the many foreign cultural centres and Montevideo’s status as administrative headquarters for Mercosur, South America’s leading trading bloc.

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