Overview of Colombo

Often regarded as little more than an obligatory pit-stop en route to Sri Lanka's more famous attractions, Colombo is no longer the sprawling city to be endured as a means to an end. Today it has become a worthy destination in its own right and makes an excellent start – or finish – to your Sri Lankan adventures.

The legacies of colonial Colombo's garden roots are still very much in evidence along its often-shady boulevards.  One of the city's most significant commercial hubs and home to its busy harbour, Fort is a fascinating place to visit thanks in part to ongoing restoration of its landmark colonial architecture. The multi-ethnic Pettah district, with its bustling markets and crowded streets, is equally as enticing. Even traffic-clogged Galle Road is going upmarket thanks to its glossy new hotel complexes.

Colombo’s cosmopolitan side supports ever-more stylish eateries, galleries and shops. Surprises abound: with a little exploration you'll find great local food, characterful shops and tiny, convivial cafes. Meanwhile, a building boom like no other is transforming the city's skyline.

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