Overview of Melbourne

Melbourne is an Aussie city with European flair. Feast on authentic fare from Italy, Greece, Turkey, China, Vietnam, and Malaysia, and soak up the vibrant café culture and nightlife. Shop for international luxury brands on Collins Street and Toorak Road, and ferret out Australian designers on Chapel Street and Little Collins Street. Annual highlights include the Fringe Festival in September/October and the Comedy Festival in April.


It's long been commented that Melbourne's inner city is the most European of any in Australia; the leafy eastern section of Collins St was dubbed the 'Paris end' in the 1950s. There's a bit of New York in the mix as well, thanks to the city's well-ordered grid and scattering of art-deco high-rises. But Melbourne is uniquely Melbourne and a lot of that's down to the more than 230 laneways that penetrate into the heart of the city blocks. It's here that the inner city's true nature resides, crammed into narrow lanes concealing world-beating restaurants, bars and street art.

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