Dubai Airport Introduces New Smart Gates to Terminal 1


Dubai Airports has completed the installation of smart gates at Terminal 1 of Dubai International Airport.

There are now 20 fully operational smart gates in the arrivals area, in addition to the 10 in departures that were installed last year.

In total, the airport now operates 127 smart gates, reducing average transaction times from minutes to under 10-15 seconds.

Commenting on the news, Michael Ibbitson, executive vice president, technology and infrastructure, Dubai Airports said:

“Dubai Airports is always looking at opportunities for innovation that makes the journey smoother and more comfortable for our customers. Smart Gates do just that by slashing transaction times to just 10-15 seconds and shortening queues.”

“What’s surprising is that only 17 percent of our passengers take advantage of the service. “If you have a UAE residency card, don’t wait in line, use it. If you have a machine-readable passport, register it with immigration authorities. It will save you time and make your journey even more enjoyable.”

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