Anybody who travels frequently will understand that having somebody sitting next to you that hogs the already very narrow arm rest or places a large backpack on the floor reducing your leg room can be at the least very frustrating.

It’s just one of the possible frustrations that you might encounter when travelling. Your reaction is vital whether you’re dealing with a bad passenger, a reckless taxi driver or a nasty case of food poisoning. Our travel etiquette guide will help you become confident while travelling.

An inconsiderate passenger sitting next to you could always get your holiday off to a bad start, make sure you don’t stoop to dirty looks and subtle little pushes or get aggressive. Discreetly ask a flight attendant to switch seats is the easiest way to solve the issue. Airplane etiquette states that the middle seat has the right to use of both arm rests.

Unfortunately sometimes hotels overbook their rooms confirm your reservations yourself by contacting the hotel the night before you take off, don’t arrive late because typically if the hotel has over booked the last guess normally loses out. If you are unfortunate to miss out on a room make sure the original hotel at the very least pays you compensation for the first night, if you are being moved don’t expect too much as you will be likely moved to a smaller hotel.

Noisy neighbours, a nightmare if you’re taking a relaxing break. First reaction would be to bang on their door and give them a piece of your mind but this doesn’t always work so call the hotel management to deal with it they could provide you with ear plugs. If this problem continues you can request to change rooms but can never expect the hotel to move your neighbours.

Losing your phone is a major panic in any situation, losing your phone abroad is a right nuisance. Now there are GPS tracking systems online that could find the location of your phone in minutes, if that’s unsuccessful you must call your service provider to freeze your service to stop any unexpected bills when you get home. Try to change any passwords for any accounts you have on your mobile this includes anything from banking to social media. Lastly ask your insurer if an official lost or stolen goods report is necessary for reimbursement.

Food poisoning is common abroad so make sure you’re prepared, take an appropriate antibiotic with you in case this occurs, avoid tap water and even ice cubes, this all could be avoidable by choosing your desired eatery very carefully normally the most busy places are the best as they have a fast turnover of food so it doesn’t have time to spoil, before you order you could also check the food stations yourself for cleanliness.

Taxi drivers sometimes can be less than honest so always try to find out the average fair to your destination beforehand. And always discuss the fair before you even get in the taxi always make sure you have closest to the correct money as possible because taxi drivers don’t always have a lot of change with them.

Haggling can be very enjoyable especially if it leads to saving some money, so when in the process of haggling don’t be too serious have a laugh and a joke with the salesmen and always have the amount of money you’re prepared to pay in your head. Try starting at a third of the price and never show how much you want the item and always be prepared to walk away.