A Foodie Guide to Norway

At Simplexity we’re constantly striving to explore the world for the best restaurants to show our clients. Norway is home to some culinary gems, so here are our top six in photos. If any of them take your fancy, give one of our Travel Managers a call and we will personally manage your reservations for you.

Ekebergrestauranten – Oslo


Beetroot and horseradish with red onion and capers.


Alex Sushi – Oslo and Stavanger


Voted one of the best sushi experiences in the world.


hos Thea - Oslo


Sautéed scallops with basic beurre blanc and avruga caviar.


Maaemo – Oslo


Lavander and honey roasted duck breast.


Restaurant Kontrast – Oslo


Spring beetroot salad.


RE-NAA – Stavanger

Atriet – Restaurant Reena


As you can see, Norway has a flourishing contemporary culinary scene that should put the country around the top of every food fanatic’s list. If you’re looking for an exciting new food adventure, allow one of our Travel Managers to help you.

We can take care of all you reservations, as well as accommodate you in the finest hotels Norway has to offer. Contact us today on 0203 535 9290 or email us on info@simplexitytravel.com.

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