Black Sand Beaches: The World’s Best

We have volcanos to thank for the wonder of nature that is the black sand beach. Basalt produced by volcanic activity is ground down by time and abrasion to the fine grains needed to form beautiful, striking black sand beaches.

Living near a volcano has few perks, but these coastal gems are surely one. Remember – the darker sand absorbs more energy from the sun, meaning the sand is much more likely to burn your feet on hot days. This also helps keep the water around these beaches that little bit warmer!


Vik, Iceland

Black Sand Beaches


Perissa, Santorini

Black Sand Beaches


Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Black Sand Beaches


Playa Negra, Puerto Rico

 Black Sand Beaches


Cahuita Beach, Costa Rica 

Black Sand Beaches


Lovina Beach, Bali

Black Sand Beaches


Rare, striking and beautiful, black sand beaches are blackest just after an eruption and are formed as the molten rock solidifies upon contact with the cool ocean. From this time on, they become whiter and whiter, the basalt sand being replaced by the familiar white quartz as the natural tides wash the precious black sand into the ocean, dispersing it among the waves.

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