Checklist: Things to remember before setting off on a luxury holiday

Going on a luxury holiday is one of the most rewarding and relaxing experiences we can have. But, as with all things in life, there are certain avenues that must be taken care off before you jump aboard your plane and set off into the sunset.

From checking your passport, through to organising your holiday currency, going on a trip involves more than simply packing your bag and leaving the country. For this reason we've put together this checklist below to take the hard work out of travel.


Travel Insurance

One of the key things you need to organise before going away is travel insurance.

Taking a holiday is fun, there's no doubt about that, but venturing into unfamiliar territory can increase your chance of losing something valuable or getting injured.

Travel insurance will cover you if you lose your luggage, or if you find yourself needing medical assistance whilst on foreign soil.

It doesn't cost a lot, but it could save a great deal of heartache should you lose something valuable or need medical help.

So take this out, and we guarantee you'll rest just that little bit easier as you unwind in the sun.

Double Check your flight details

Flights, are often subject to delays. And sometimes they even go as far as being rescheduled all together.

For this reason, it's important that you double check your flight details right up until the minute you actually leave the house.

This will prevent you travelling to the airport too early, or too late, as well as removing any unnecessary stress if your flight changes at the last minute.

And whilst you're also keeping track of whether all is running to schedule, it's also worth double checking your flight details. We're talking about seeing if there is an option to check in online to save time, or the exact amount of baggage allowance you have so you can avoid any nasty extra charges.

Check your passport and travel docs

A last minute passport panic is not something you want to experience just before heading out to the airport.

It's always worth finding your passport weeks before you go away, and then putting it somewhere safe (that you will definitely remember!) so you can easily grab it on the day you leave.

Furthermore, make sure you actually check that it's in date.

The passport office isn't famed for their quick turn-around when it comes to renewals, so make sure you check the validity of your own as far in advance as you possibly can. This will allow you to avoid any potential last minute, passport anxiety attacks, whilst also ensuring you're clear to fly when your departure date finally rolls around.

Organise your holiday currency

need If you're travelling abroad, you're going to foreign currency. Even if you pre-load a travel credit card, or plan to use your own, it's always best to have some cash in hand too.

This is so when you get to your destination, you can easily flag and pay for a taxi, or grab a bite to eat or drink.

Plus, it's always worth making sure you don't put all your currency travel eggs in one basket.

Do your research on any cards you're planning on using to ensure they're reliable in the country you're going to.

And as mentioned before, have some actual money in your wallet too, so that if you should run into any card trouble, you'll be covered until it's sorted.

It's also worth letting your bank know you're going away too. This will ensure that they don't block your card whilst you are trying to buy things on your break, which can sometimes happen if your bank suspect your card has been compromised and is being used fraudulently.

Plan key things you want to see and do

Sometimes, when you're excited about a trip, it can be easy to neglect the fact that you're actually travelling to unfamiliar territory.

If you haven't been there before, then we thoroughly recommend that you do your research before you depart.

This means scrolling through Lonely Planet and discovering various attractions you might want to go and see. Or pre book anything that requires tickets to avoid lengthy queues.

Another handy website you should always remember to reference is the trustworthy Tripadvisor.

This website really does pull all the skeletons out of the closet and leaves nowhere for bad service to hide.

So if you're planning on eating somewhere, see what people have to say about it on Tripadvisor first. You might find the reviews aren't as good as you expected, or perhaps they might even be better.

And just as good as Tripadvisor is at exposing bad service, it is also excellent at making great recommendations.

The website offers a ranking system, where the restaurants with the highest reviews from the public are higher up the list.

This makes Tripadvisor a great place to find new and exciting eateries that will tantalise the taste buds, as well as helping you find great accommodation too.

Tripadvisor truly is your best friend when it comes to going on holiday.

Check the weather

Another thing you should be doing before going away is check the local weather forecast of your destination.

Even if you're going somewhere that you know for a fact will be sunny and warm, it can still be worth checking that there isn't any rain or clouds heading over during your time away.

So always consult the internet or the weather app on your phone right up until before the day you go. Not only will it really get you excited for your holiday, but you'll also be prepared for all eventualities.

Stock up on medical supplies

No one wants to be stuck on a nine hour flight with a headache. And if you get to your destination and find those shoes actually really do pinch, you don't want to be in pain for the rest of the trip.

So go to your local pharmacy and stock up.

Get everything from pain killers through to indigestion relief and plasters. You never know when you may need these things that we've come so accustomed to just having around the house, so it's always best to be as prepared as possible.

It's also worth checking with your doctor whether you need any vaccinations before you fly. The NHS offer a very helpful section on their website here, where you'll find a guide detailing information you need if you're jetting off somewhere wonderful and exotic.

However, we still recommend you give your GP a call too, just to be safe.

Download travel apps

In a world where the relationship between humans and our mobile devices is so intricately woven, it can be worth downloading some travel apps for your break.

Be sure to opt for ones that work offline if you're travelling, as you don't want to incur one of those costly, post-holiday phone bills.

But there are some really useful ones out there that can help you to get organised if you take a look.

Click here for access to another of our blogs that details all the best apps you can get when you're planning a trip. But just for a quick run down right now, some of the best apps you can work with are below:

XE Currency: This app allows you to convert any currency, so you know exactly how much you're paying despite the foreign price tag.

Flight Track: Flight track will provide you with any updates to your flight, including whether it's been rescheduled or cancelled altogether. This can be invaluable when travelling, and can save you needlessly turning up at the airport if your flight has been changed.

Better Translator Pro: Having a translator in your pocket is incredibly useful when you're travelling to countries that speak another language. It will help you to understand any menus or sign posts, as well as allowing you to learn a few phrases so you can interact with the locals a little better.

Pack your electronics and check their voltages

When you're travelling somewhere new, the voltage of your destination country isn't something that's usually at the top of people's checklists.

But investigating this beforehand will allow you to avoid the awkward moment where your phone charger is incredibly slow, or when your hair dryer won't work because the power simply isn't strong enough.

Make sure you get a decent adaptor to help combat this problem. (Remember, both Europe and the US tend have different plug sockets to the UK, so don't forget this!) You'll feel a little more assured that you're prepared for your travel endeavours.

Need more helping organising your trip?

Trying to remember all of these things before a break can feel somewhat overwhelming.

But what if there was another way?

Here at Simplexity Travel Management, we take the stress out of holidays.

We enjoy organising our customer's trips just as much as you enjoy taking them, and we want to give you access to that worry-free holiday that you deserve.

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