Discover Paris This Valentine's Day with BubbleGlobe


Nothing quite says ‘I love you’ like a trip to the world’s most romantic city, Paris.

This Valentine’s Day why not treat your special someone to a journey of discovery, exploring the best-kept secrets of Paris? We’ve partnered with BubbleGlobe, a luxury services provider of premium experiences to offer you an exceptional trip that’ll be sparkling with romance.

Whether this is their first time to the French capital, or their 20th, there is something new for you both to experience and make memories to cherish. Take a look below:


In the Shoes of a Prima Ballerina 

In the magically bright atmosphere of the Opera Garnier, you will be invited to dive into the heart of this historic place where Prima Ballerina Dorothee performs regularly on stage before thousands of spectators.

You will begin your experience with a backstage tour to reveal all the facts of the Opera’s history since its creation in 1870 during the reign of Napoleon III. You will have the unique opportunity to discover the Capstans room, immersing you in the heart of the machinery of a 19th century Parisian theater. Fifteen meters below the stage, you will then be able to grasp an understanding of the mechanisms that once made it possible to trigger the apparitions and disappearances of the artists and sets on stage.

Following this, you will proceed to one of Dorethee’s favourite halls which is located behind the stage, in an area considered its “antechamber”, is the Foyer de la Danse. This room strikes a deep and long-lasting impression with the splendor, luster and lavish display of paintings. Once the meeting place for certain members to want to approach the artists of the Opera, the hall still hosts the dancers of the Ballet for their warm-up before the show.

To add a note of perfection to your experience meeting, you will then end with a small surprise in Dorethee’s dressing room, a secret place and the private cocoon of each dancer preparing to shine like a star before each performance.


Privatization of Notre Dame

In the mysterious setting of the Ile de la Cité, located on the Seine, the secrets of the Notre-Dame Cathedral will be revealed to you.

This immersive experience in the heart of the cathedral will begin with a visit of the UNESCO World Heritage monument, revealing its architectural masterpiece and the numerous colorful stained-glass windows.

The tour of its towers will continue through the mythical chimera’s gallery which, located 45m above the ground, meets the magnificent bestiary imagined by Viollet-le-Duc in the nineteenth century. This escapade into the Middle Ages will take you to the Cathedral’s spire with its apostles and the statue of the archangel Gabriel who still retain their gaze on the road that leads to the south belfry and its thirteen-ton bell, affectionately named “le bourbon” or the “Bumblebee”.

After the final climb to the summit of the South Tower, reaching a height of almost 70m, you can enjoy a 360° view of the capital and capture the beauty of the city’s architecture from the vantage point of its historic heart. With the iconic architecture of Haussmann buildings, the grand boulevards, its bridges and its most emblematic monuments, it is the epitome of a picture-perfect postcard!



The Secrets and Initiation into the creation of Perfume with a Former Director of Guerlain

It is a well-known fact that perfumes have the power to trigger emotions and influence moods.

Within a laboratory working for several major French brands, Sylvaine will introduce you to the delights of the perfume world.

Even before creating your fragrance, it is important to understand the nuts and bolts of olfactory memory and the different steps to create a fragrance: note, chord, symphony. You will have the opportunity to discover the vast number of bottles containing the raw materials that make up the Perfumer’s Pallet. A choice of more than 1,000 notes.

A perfume is a message you leave behind. It tells your story and is an unforgettable and striking trace of your presence. The practice of attentive listening will allow Sylvaine to identify your olfactory personality and guide you in your choice of perfume.

During the last phase, you will discuss the different stages of creating a perfume: from the creation of the concentrate, steeping the natural ingredients in alcohol and finishing with the glazing.

A matter of patience and time, a single drop of a raw material can change the tone of a perfume. So, it is essential to correctly dose, paying attention to each slight detail, and taking the time to redo constantly and patiently to achieve the best formula and your initial dream.


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