Essential Lake District Restaurants for Your Gourmet Tour


It has been a popular tourist destinations for centuries, but it is only in the last 20 years that Lake District restaurants have managed to develop a cuisine fine enough to match the area’s famously stunning hills and waters.

What were originally inns for weary travellers, sprinkled along the winding hill-passes, have evolved into luxury dining experiences fine enough to compliment one of England’s most stunning landscapes. With every village competing with the rest as a dining destination, the Lakes have become an exciting microclimate of fine British dining. Here are three places our Travel Managers would not allow you to miss on your gastronomic tour of the Lakes.



Lake district restaurants

One of the oldest of gourmet Lake District Restaurants, L’Enclume is the restaurant where it really started to happen for celebrity chef Simon Rogan in 2002. The building, a renovation of an old Cumbrian blacksmiths, is typical of the rustic charm of the area. Minimal, cosy and authentic, L’Enclume lets the food speak for itself and is happy to let the breath-taking scenery compensate for the pared-back interiors. 

All the food served at L’Enclume comes from Rogan’s own local farm, making this the quintessential Cumbrian dining experience. The restaurant is set in the stunning village of Cartmel, at the southern tip of the Lakes, and Rogan’s hyper-local approach has won the honour of two Michelin Stars.


The Samling

Lake district restaurants

With an unrivalled view over the idyllic Windermere, the Samling embodies and perfects the ideals of destination dining. Secluded, spectacular and unforgettable, it is recommended that visitors dine and then spend the night safely tucked away in the cosy 18th Century rooms above the elegant dining area.

Nick Edgar is the new lead in the Samling kitchen, which won its Michelin star in 2013. The menu here features fine, refined modern British cuisine. Like L’Enclume, local produce is key. The Samling makes good use of its verdant 67-acre plot to grow a range of ingredients.


Holbeck Ghyll

Lake district restaurants

Rise early at the Samling and take the short walk down to the tranquil Windermere and go south along the shore. You’ll pass the attractive Low Wood Bay, but keep walking, until you go up Holbeck Lane. Within half an hour’s pleasant stroll, you will be at HolbeckGhyll, just in time for their famous breakfast.

In the sophisticated climate of Lake District restaurants, breakfast is often left behind – but not here. Fresh bread and pastries sit beside traditional porridge, oats soaked overnight and served with cream and honey. Cumbria’s famous pork ham, sausages and bacon are served with eggs perfectly poached and fabulous smoked fish: haddock, mackerel and kippers. The perfect way to set up a day of hiking or boating on the close-by waters.

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