Essential Travel-Size Beauty Products for Your Hand Luggage

You don’t have to skimp on your beauty routine when you fly. We’ve put together some wonderful travel-size products and accessories that will keep you feeling fresh and looking good without needing to max-out your hand luggage limit.

  1. Stay safe

You have to make room for your trusty SPF in your carry-on luggage. If space is at a real premium try Lancaster Sun Sport Dry Touch Gel which offers SPF 20 protection, screens out both UVA and UNB rays, weighs in at 75ml and is suitable for both face and body. For a matte-finish that lasts six hours and stronger protection, FrezyDerm’s Sun Screen Velvet Face is available in a rather chic 50ml.

  1. Skincare in the air

You don’t have to tip your skincare secrets into the security bins at the airport: simply downsize with the wonderful minis that are widely available. Check out the Elemis Travel Shop for a perfect selection of skincare perfection.

  1. Rehydrate naturally

You may have to purchase your mineral water after you clear customs but make sure you do. The sealed environment of a plane will dehydrate your skin but you can counter this with regular sips of water.

  1. Keep contoured

The wonderful multi-tasking makeup palette kits, such as Studio 10 Age Reverse Perfect Canvas SPF 30, weigh next to nothing. Best of all, they are solid, not liquid, meaning you don’t have to worry about liquid volume allowances!

  1. Don’t get in a tangle

Your hair on a flight can quickly go from groomed to plumed. This can be quickly remedied with a Tangle Teezer – their Compact Detangling Hair Brush is smaller than the original but just as effective.


  1. Stay fresh

You may not be able to carry your preferred perfume on board with you but you can still stay fresh with the dinky vials of My Little Chloé. Failing that, you can learn from your mum and decant your favourite scent into an atomiser – the old ones are sometimes still the best.


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