Europe's Most Spectacular Street Art

European towns and cities have arguably some of the finest street art found anywhere in the world. Our Luxury Travel Managers are often asked by their clients what the best cities to experience street art are. So, in this article we give you our definitive answer for the best cities across Europe for street art.

Of course, this is just a small sample of the incredible art found in Europe's cities and towns. If you'd like a more comprehensive view, speak with Simplexity Travel, to help you plan your next street art tour of the continent.

1. Bristol, UK

We are beginning this creative journey here in Britain. However, rather than starting in London – which you might expect – we start in Bristol, on the sunny West coast.

A visit to Bristol does not disappoint. This is the real starting point of the acclaimed artist Banksy. Many of his early works can be located in this area, including pieces that now sell for £120,000 plus at auctions. Meanwhile, local exhibitions are held in Bristol regularly as a mark of respect.

Relative to the genre, street art in Bristol has a long history. The area was one of those targeted by the early 1980s pioneers such as Nick Walker, who is regarded as having first brought stencil graffiti to the area.

To really get a sense of the scale of Bristol's graffiti heritage, visit Nelson Street, which features work from the See No Evil project, as well as some of Banksy's most iconic work.

We love street art here at Simplexity Travel, and if you visit our offices in Mayfair to see us, you will spot some Banksy and See No Evil prints on our walls.

2. Ghent, Belgium

Ask Luxury Travel Manager Klara to arrange your flights and accommodation arrangements for a tour of Ghent's famous street art. Artists such as Hardnesh, Jolly and Blisser have plastered their work everywhere.

You will also be able to find plenty of examples of ROA's work, which can be found throughout the city. Known for his use of animal imagery – examples of which are found across the world – you will not be disappointed. For a real spectacle, visit Werregarenstraat (graffiti alley), an entire street dedicated to street art.

3. Granada, Spain

While Granada is renowned for Alhambra, a UNESCO world Heritage Site, its street art is also nothing to be sniffed at. The juxtaposition of Granada's historic scenery with its surrealist brand of street art, championed by famous street artists like Raúl Ruíz, known as ‘El Niño de las Pinturas' (The Painting Kid) is something that must be seen.

If you want to make the most of your trip, take part in a Street Art and Caves tour that starts at 3pm each day at the Oasis Hotel – our Luxury Travel Managers can arrange this for you.

There, you will see a wide variety of works by notable artists, though the work of The Painting Kid are featured heavily. The most noteworthy of which is his image of Joe Strummer, painted in 2013.

4. Thessaloniki, Greece

Greece's street art scene emerged relatively recently as a response – partly – to the nation's struggling economy under the motto of “crisis makes creative”. The movement has been so successful that it has been formalised into an annual festival, giving space to street artists, bands, skate shows and other performers.

One of the city's most famous street artists is known as WD (Wild Drawing), who creates dark, social commentaries in locations across the city. One of his most inspiring pieces is known as ‘Pagon Poetry', and features an image of a young woman, said to be inspired by Bjork.

We recommend taking part in one of the city's street art tours, where you can watch artists paint and even speak with them about their inspirations and their work. We can organise this for you, so all you need to do is sit back and relax.

5. Marseille, France

If you take a trip out of Paris and journey to Marseille, you will find a bourgeoning street art scene. Wonder through the Cours Julien district, and you will be shocked by just how much street art there is. As a district full of musicians, artists and other creative people, the experience is likely to give you a whole new perspective on French culture.

Unlike the focussed, political street art of Thessaloniki, Marseille's art spans a range of themes and styles, ranging from beautiful murals covering the sides of entire buildings, to film references. The city was voted 2013's European Capital of Culture, and it certainly shows.

At Simplexity, our London Travel Managers are experienced in organising a wide range of European tours. We love street art, and we will make sure you are introduced to the finest delights in all the locations you choose to visit. Speak to us today by calling us on 0203 535 9290 or emailing us on to see how we can plan the perfect European tour for you. 

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