Experience the World’s Latest Ski Phenomenon: Blumen Haus Lech, Austria


If you’re looking to experience the highest quality ski experience before everyone else, then look no further than Blumen Haus Lech, Austria, opening its doors in December 2016.


An invigorating concept

Blumen Haus Lech will be the most premium, technically specified hotel on the slopes, and feels like an Alpine ski chalet meets boutique hotel. Opening December 2016, this is the hottest place to be on the slopes, and you really don’t want to miss it. 

The Blumen Haus Lech comes straight from British businessman Andrew Flowers. As his first foray into the world of hospitality, we recommend that you witness the Blumen Haus Lech for yourself.


Welcome to Lech

The centre of the resort revolves around a quaint church and several local inns.

As the resort has attracted more and more visitors from far and wide, the town has spread with a number of boutique and premium lodges opening their doors. 

One amazing fact about these hotels is that they are served by an intricate network of tunnels beneath the piste that allow staff to shift catering supplies as well as luggage without exposure to the elements. Fantastic. However, the Blumen Haus Lech isn’t just another hotel…  


The new lodging to beat

The new Blumen Haus Lech’s 9 premium suites are fitted to an ultra-high-end specification that will blow anything you’ve ever experienced out of the water, and come equipped with the newest hi-tech luxuries, including a hypoxic chamber for high-altitude training, pool, sauna, steam room, beauty services and gym.  

Designed by Reinhard Strasser, tradition and exceptional style, comfort and state of the art technology have been married to create something pioneering in elegance, modernity and luxury.  

When you add to this a restaurant serving food prepared by the amazing chef Barbara Mairhoffer who trained with Gordon Ramsey, it is clear to see that Blumen Haus Lech is the only destination for the discerning skier. But what about the actual skiing?

The pistes are best suited to intermediates, and the 2016/2017 season sees the opening of four new lifts linking the Lech side of the Arlberg to the St Anton side. The main lift is the Flexenbahn 10-seater cable car linking Zürs with Alpe Rauz in Stuben during a six-minute journey, giving access to St Anton’s 160km of pistes, which include St Christoph and Stuben. 

As a small resort, Lech has always shared its ski area with other small villages like Zürs and, more recently, with nearby Warth-Schröcken after the construction of the Auenfeldjet gondola in 2013. There are now an impressive 180km of slopes in total for you to sample.


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