Five Tips to Get More Work Done on Your Flight

More and more jobs now require us to fly on a regular basis. Joining a truly international company can be a great way to see the world whist conducting business. But as experienced Corporate Travel Managers, we know that all that time up in the air can seriously eat into your productivity.

So for those who find themselves constantly hopping from conference to presentation, and from office to factory, we've assembled some great tips to make sure your flight time is not ‘dead' time.

1. Cultivate the Right State of Mind

Working productively is as much about being in the right state of mind as anything else. Finding a business flight-routine is the best way to make sure you are in a calm and industrious mood when the wheels leave the runway.

Arriving in good time is essential: it is hard to work after a sprint through the terminal has left you hot and flustered. Make sure everything you need to work is in your hand luggage. Your laptop or tablet is clearly essential. But do not forget your charger, your phone charger, and anything else that may help you get in the flow, like pens, notebooks and newspapers.  

2. Use the Window's Vista

Knowing where you work best is just as important on a plane as it is down on the ground. Unless you particularly value the freedom of being able to get out of your seat easily, having a window seat is probably the best place to work. You will avoid the steady flow of aisle traffic, and if you are feeling under pressure, you will have a spectacular view to sooth your frayed nerves.

3. Noise Cancelling Headphones

We do our best work when we are so absorbed in working that we forget our surroundings and focus wholly on the task. This can be hard to do above the clack of doors closing, the roar of the engines and the chimes of the flight announcements.

Many airlines now offer noise cancelling headphones in business class, but for frequent fliers, it makes perfect sense to get your own.

4. Be Realistic and Set Targets

To work productively, you need to have confidence that you are using your time efficiently. If you know that you are a poor plane-worker, then set smaller targets for your air time. If your flight is only 90 minutes, think about what is realistic – especially given the fact that the ascent and the last part of the descent are usually less productive times.

Above all, plan what work you need to do on the plane before you pack your bag, and certainly before you get on-board. This way, you can pack more effectively for the project you decide to work on, instead of including all the things you might need for all the work you possibly could do.

Be sure to research what amenities are available on-board, too. Business and first classes continue to improve rapidly as airlines continue the arms race for lucrative frequent-flying corporate passengers. WI-FI is, of course, essential. Here is a handy info sheet of how much it costs on each airline, and which classes offer it free as standard.

5. Drink Appropriately

Everyone knows that the air on planes is a little drier, meaning you will dehydrate a little faster. On longer flights, this effect can really add up, so make sure you stay hydrated to remain productive.

Having an alcoholic drink or two on a flight can be very enjoyable, but it is unlikely to help you work. Getting your usual fix of caffeine is a good idea, but be sure only to have as much as you would in the office: a small, unnaturally-lit tube in the sky is not a great place to have a caffeine rush – especially when you are trying to work.

When all the work is over, it is time for a more relaxing kind of travel. Whether looking for a corporate retreat or a luxury family holiday, we can help. If you would like to speak with one of our London Corporate Travel Advisors, get in touch at 

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