Flying Reimagined, by Etihad

Since first taking off in 2003, Etihad Airways has placed itself at the pinnacle of airborne luxury.  
Their latest innovation in cabin hospitality pushes the very limits of what is possible, delivering luxury hotel rooms in the sky. Etihad are all about the high-end and their new interiors are set to redefine what people can expect from a luxury airline seat – or rather,

Here, Travel Manager Leona Zelena reveals what you can expect next time you fly Etihad.

Business Class

Etihad's Business Class is known for surpassing other line's First Class and has just won a string of industry awards.
Far from business as usual, their new imagining of life in the sky offers on demand entertainment options, a la carte dining and a hotel inspired lobby meeting area. With a range of decadent on-the-ground spa and style treatments to boot, Business Class has never looked so enjoyable. 
At the heart of Etihad's philosophy is luxurious comfort. Business seats now offer pneumatic seat controls to harden of soften the seat to your preference, as well as in-seat massages. Each seat has direct aisle access and can be fully reclined to a flat 81 inch bed – just in time for Etihad's signature turndown service.

First Class

It is in First Class that the true boldness of Etihad's new innovations really becomes obvious. 
On A380s, flyers can find an entire apartment to themselves. At the heart of the concept is the apartment's unrivalled levels of privacy. More a room of one's own than a seat on a plane, then now names ‘First Apartments' feature an armchair in addition to the ottoman bed, putting customer experience above the pressure to turn space into revenue.
Fly with a partner to take down the divider between the Apartments and join beds. There is even enough room to walk around and invite guests in for a drink. First Apartment passengers also have access to the First Class bathroom, fitted with a full height shower, vanity unit and hairdryer, to ensure you arrive refreshed and energised.

The Residence

The Residence is the new name of top-end indulgence in-flight hospitality. Exclusive to Etihad's A380s, this luxury living space is composed of separate bedroom, ensuite bathroom and lounge areas. The plane's own Travel Concierge will tend to resident's needs from the moment you book, until you leave the airport on the other side. 
While in the air, the Etihad Butler will provide a sterling hospitality service, guiding you through what the Residence has to offer in order to make a personalised in-flight itinerary. He will serve your meals, bring your cognac and provide your turndown service, leaving you to enjoy your double bed, then waking you with breakfast in bed.
After such an incredible flight experience, you will want to make sure your hotel does not disappoint. So if flying with Etihad sounds like your kind of journey, contact Travel Manager Leona Zelena today at, or call 0203 535 9290 to continue your trip in premium luxury.

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