How Simplexity Travel Helped Me Escape the Winter Blues


After organising a trip for one of our clients, we received this brilliant travel story from them. We hope it’s a good example of how we at Simplexity Travel can help to tailor your travel, ensuring you have the best possible experience.


Feeling blue at the moment? If you’re anything like me then the onset of winter can fill you with gloom. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending Christmas and the New Year with family and friends, but by the time mid-January rolls around I often feel desperate to escape the dull wintery weather. In the past, work or family commitments have usually prevented me from heading off to sunnier climes, but this year I found myself with a couple of weeks in the middle of February during which I was confident of leaving the country without everything going to pieces in my absence.



A few years back a colleague introduced me to Simplexity Travel, and I’ve been using them ever since to arrange my holidays and the occasional management team getaway. My Travel Manager has put together some frankly awesome itineraries for me, from skiing Val d’Isere to a memorable city break in Rome and kitesurfing lessons off Zanzibar. I like relying on a travel manager because the process fits in so well with my own hectic schedule - I can just draw up a rough sketch of what I want to do, dates and budget, and ping it over to Simplexity, who’ll send me a couple of options within days. All very easy and it saves me a huge amount of time and stress.

So, I decided to ring Simplexity Travel to give me a few ideas for where to find some winter sun. By the time I got into the office they had emailed me with a handful of suggestions, and the one that immediately caught my attention was Phuket in Thailand. So, I gave Simplexity Travel the go-ahead to arrange all the details and got back to work.



Fast-forward a couple of months and I’m kicking back in a beautiful villa right on the beach, my phone switched off, and my only worry how long it’s going to take me to shed the pounds I’d put on over Christmas - my mum is a great cook. The luxury resort my Travel Manager had found for me, Iniala, is just a short drive from Phuket Airport. She had fixed me up with a flight out of London and a private car to pick me up on the other side. From the sleet and puddles of London to the golden sands and warm turquoise waters of Phuket - I honestly briefly thought about cashing it all in and starting a business right there!


End-to-end service 

Even though Phuket is a popular winter escape, my stretch of beach was virtually deserted. I engaged the services of the resort’s spa therapist and a fitness instructor a couple of times, and as part of the end-to-end service that Simplexity offers, they had thoughtfully put together a couple of day trips for me ahead of my arrival, knowing that I like adrenaline experiences. So on day three I was deep sea diving (amazing), and a few days later I was trekking with a small group on a jungle safari in the lush Khao Sok National Park. Most of the time though, I just stretched out in a hammock, lazed in the infinity pool, or ate my weight in fresh seafood – I decided early on I was going to leave the diet ‘til I got back to the UK. After all, when you take a holiday in an exotic destination like Phuket, it’s all about maximum relaxation. By the time the two weeks came to an end I was more chilled than a penguin with a head-cold, and ready to get back to work with a vengeance. Just totally rejuvenated.


24/7 support

When I arrived back in Heathrow, I was again met by a chauffeured car that Simplexity had booked ahead - and here’s where Simplexity Travel really show why they’re worth every penny. My flight had been delayed by a couple of hours, so I fired off a quick email. It arrived around 9pm UK-time, but Simplexity Travel went ahead and rearranged the car, and let my PA know so that she could reschedule a client meeting set for the next day.

Simplexity Travel raised the bar with Phuket, with the result that I now intend to make a winter escape a yearly fixture, and Simplexity know to get in touch to discuss my plans as soon as the weather starts to turn.

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