How to Ensure Your Trip Stays Private

Nowadays you cannot read the news or check Instagram without seeing photos of glamorous and glossy limbed celebrities on holiday. But even the famous need a relaxing break away from prying eyes and camera lenses. Here are our tips for avoiding the ever-vigilant paparazzi and enjoying your holiday.

Book into Hotels Using an Incognito Name

Take a leaf out of Brad and Angie’s book, the superstar couple allegedly book into hotels as Bryce and Jasmine Pilaf when they want to stay incognito. While Justin Bieber plays homage to our favourite ‘90’s sitcom character by booking under the name Chandler Bing.

Fly Commercial

To stay out of the limelight, one might assume using private operators is best practice, but this isn’t always the case. Flashy private cars and jets may end up attracting more attention than simply blending in with the crowd. Kate Moss flies commercial and Rihanna takes the tube: hiding in plain sight might just beat hiding in your plane.

Use the Back Entrance 

Even if you have been trying to keep your travel plans under wraps, the media may have got wind of your arrival. Travel with us, and we’ll ensure the airport staff are always briefed on their VIP cargo and will usher you out via a less conspicuous exit.  

Keep Off Instagram

Use your holiday as an excuse to have a social media detox and stay away from Instagram. Geotagging your posts is a great way to garner unwanted attention – you can share your photos with your followers when you get back!

Go off the beaten track

In recent flick A Bigger Splash Tilda Swinton’s rock star Marianne and her boyfriend lie low on the remote Italian island Pantelleri, instead of the more popular Sicily. Opting for secluded luxury over popular hotspots is a great way of guaranteeing an uninterrupted break.

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