How to Keep your Team on Track at an eSports Tournament


Gaming has come a long way in recent years. Gone are the pixelated games and the lone players battling against their computer in the comfort of their living room. Nowadays, gaming is a multi-million-pound industry with sell-out tournaments all over the globe. What was once seen as nerdy school time past-time is now a legitimate sporting profession garnering huge prize money and attracting legions of fans.

At Simplexity, we have vast experience organising the complicated travel arrangements required by professional sports teams. We are the previous official sponsors of Norwich’s football team, the Canaries, and ensure they get from hotel to dressing room to stadium seamlessly every time. Whether your match is on a pitch or on the screen, we can put you in the perfect position for victory.

Here are some of our top tips:


1. Fly in at least a day before the tournament

eSports tournaments take place all over the world, from Japan and the US to South Korea and France. To help your team combat the effects of jet-lag, make sure to arrive at least one day before the tournament starts. Simplexity can help you to arrange all the flights and negotiate the best deals in the top hotels.


2. Leave nothing to chance

Put your arrangements in our hands and we will leave nothing to chance. The team at Simplexity can sort out all your airport transfers and chauffeured cars to the tournament venue. Dietary requirements? Diva-esque wants and needs? We can ensure all the hotels and restaurants on your itinerary can cater to your every whim. And should something go wrong, our 24/7 service will help put it right again. No matter where in the world you are.


3. Stay under a fake name

It’s important to keep your and your teammates identities secret when travelling for a competition. Particularly besotted fans have been known to stalk players at their hotel. While recent poisoning scandals from opposition teams highlights a fresh threat and increased need for discretion.


4. Make sure you all get enough sleep

Gaming is all about your ability to react quickly to what’s happening on screen. Tournaments can go on for hours at a time and in order to cope with the pressure and the high level of concentration necessitated, it is absolutely essential that players are well rested.


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