How to Wow Your Clients on a Trip to Tokyo

Organising the right flights, locating the best destinations and producing the perfect customised itineraries are the dream tasks for our Corporate Travel Managers. If you are planning to wow your clients with a trip to Tokyo, here are just some of the things we can help you with.

How Close Is Too Close?

Rest assured, at Simplexity we guarantee that your flight is of the highest quality. A non-stop journey takes approximately 11h 40m, while a connecting flight from Alitalia or Lufthansa takes around 14-17h. Our Travel Managers will help you select the route best suited to you and your clients' needs.

One important consideration is which airport you fly into. There are two options: Haneda or Narita. The main differentiator is their respective distances from central Tokyo. Whilst Narita is roughly 50 miles east of the nation's sprawling Capital, we believe the stronger option is Haneda.

Until 2010, Haneda was solely used for domestic flights, but the turn of the decade saw a new international terminal open, alongside a valuable fourth runway. This means you and your clients can be free to enjoy and explore Tokyo faster, wasting less of your precious time.

The First Class ANA lounge guarantees you will spend every moment before and after your journey in total comfort, with the promise of incomparable luxury. The VIP Room in the Dulux lounge is open 24/7, 365 days a year, and is the perfect meeting place for small groups.

Both Business and First Class lounges at Haneda provide a premium dining experience for every taste – from traditional British cuisine with a Japanese twist to freshly prepared sushi.

The Finest Hotels

Tokyo is one of the centres of the world for unbelievable luxury, and a stay in one of the following hotels could be a way to show your clients you seriously mean business.

  • Grand Hyatt Tokyo: A mere 40 minutes from Haneda Airport by limousine bus, the Grand Hyatt is considered one of Tokyo's most stylish. If you want to visually impress with stunning interiors and fine furniture, allow Anna to book your stay.
  • Imperial Hotel Tokyo: For a sophisticated experience, stay at the Imperial Hotel. Recognised as one of ‘The Leading Hotels of the World', you and your guests will enjoy incredible views from the 7th-12th floors (upgraded to offer an elite level of service and quality). The Imperial's Executive Service Centre is the largest in all of Japan, and is primed for you and your clients to do business.
  • Park Hyatt Tokyo: As the inspiration for the acclaimed film ‘Lost in Translation', a stay at the Park Hyatt will result in no such confusion. Offering breath-taking views of Tokyo and the Kanto Plain, this elegant oasis of tranquillity and calm is situated in the heart of Shinjuku, the capital's famous business district.

Impress with Genuine Japanese Etiquette 

Every nation has its own customs and traditions, and Japan certainly is no different. When in Tokyo, visit a sushi restaurant and display your knowledge of Japanese customs to your clients.

For a high-end, authentic sushi experience, our Corporate Travel Managers would recommend Sushi Saito, voted the best in the world. Whilst securing seating is a challenge, we will ensure you and your clients have a spot to witness Chef Takashi Saito and his team work their magic. Just remember these essential rules of sushi dining in Japan:

  •  Your chopsticks should always be rested on the chopstick rest. It is considered rude to put your chopsticks down on the table, on your plate or across your dipping bowl.
  • When eating sushi, the fish should be placed against your tongue first, not the rice.  
  • Your wet towel (provided at the start of the meal) is meant to clean your fingers. Traditionally, sushi was eaten with your fingers. Once the towel is used, it should not be used again and you should never use it to wipe your face.
  • Slurping noodles is a sign of enjoying your food and is a compliment to the chef. Smaller bowls and soup such as miso should be drunk directly from the bowl.
  • Always top up your guests drink, before your own. If you have finished your drink but your guests still have full ones, do not top up yours until you can top them up first, especially when drinking Saki.
  • Finally, finish your food down to the last grain of rice.

With all this knowledge, you are guaranteed to impress your clients. For more advice on how to ensure your trip to Tokyo is a complete business success, speak with Corporate Travel Manager Anna Magana today on 0203 535 9290, or by emailing on

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