Is This The Definitive Best Cathedral List?

Whether you are a spiritual person or not, there is something to be said for the historic and cultural beauty of a cathedral. Cathedrals have played an essential function in Christian communities for hundreds of years, but they're not just important community centres, a cathedral is also quite simply a beautiful and impressive attraction.

We will admit right away that our Leisure Travel Managers can't choose one cathedral and claim it to be the best one. So, instead, here is a list of our favourites. Do you agree with our list?

St. Paul's Cathedral: London, Britain

Let's start with a familiar one. According to research, a quarter of visits to leading attractions in Britain were to sacred religious buildings, and 35 percent of those were from international tourists!

If you and your partner are on a romantic city break, visit St. Paul's Cathedral's Whispering Gallery where you can hear your loved one's intimate whispers from the other side of the dome – 112 feet away.

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Seville Cathedral: Seville, Spain

There are plenty of reasons to have a tailor-made trip to Spain – not least its incredible restaurant scene which we have already written about!

The cathedral in Seville is worth a trip to this Mediterranean paradise all by itself. Built in the fifteenth century, the cathedral was erected on the site of an ancient mosque, and the building itself contains, remarkably, the Tomb of Christopher Columbus!

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Notre Dame Cathedral: Paris, France

Possibly one of the very original examples of French Gothic architecture, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is a true marvel of design and style.

Well known for its amazing stained-glass windows, if you are in Paris we can't recommend seeing it enough. Let our travel experts arrange your trip for you.

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St. Basil's Cathedral: Moscow, Russia

It would be rude of us not to add St. Basil's Cathedral to the run-down of our favourite cathedrals. One of the most fascinating things about this extraordinary feat of Muscovite design is that architectural specialists are – to this day – unable to agree on the governing idea behind the structure!

Regardless, you can visit this sixteenth century cathedral, now a museum, and decide how you feel about its architectural heritage for yourself.  

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St. Stephen's Cathedral: Vienna, Austria

Construction on this important Gothic structure commenced in the 12th century, which is remarkable, given the building's immaculate appearance.

Many famous people were laid to rest in St. Stephen's Cathedral, including the Habsburg duke Rudolph IV. Famous, was he, for being “The Founder” of the cathedral who laid the foundation stone for the Gothic reconstruction of the cathedral in 1359.

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Do You Agree with Our Travel Managers?

If you could choose just one cathedral from our list, which would it be? Let us know in a comment below.

Even better, we can help you plan a premium, bespoke trip to see your favourite cathedral, as well as arrange your luxury accommodation, restaurant visits and more.

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