A new year usually means new goals, which goes hand in hand with new resolutions, new ambitions and new challenges. January is often a time of reflection and re-evaluation with many people concluding that they want to try something different. Maybe to test themselves, take on a challenge, or experience something daring.

At Simplexity Travel our clients regularly challenge us to seek out once in a lifetime experiences that are bespoke to our clients’ needs in every way. Whether that be private tours through the ice caves of Iceland, a luxury safari staying in Richard Branson’s property high altitude trekking in Gran Paradiso - we make it all happen.   

In 2018 Simplexity Travel are taking it to the next level and have teamed up with the fantastic Life Dreams to give you incredible, once in a lifetime experiences that will ensure your 2018 trip is your best one yet!


Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup

How about take part in one of the most prestigious yacht races in the world!? Held in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy you can be a participant in the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup. You will have the unique opportunity to be in a boat with professional sailors – if you have a specific sailing professional request, please let us know.  The Sailor will take care of you, so you can enjoy the race in total comfort. A true bucket-list experience for the elite.


Exclusive F1 Driving Experience

This experience will take you on an exhilarating journey, starting with mastering the track and the fastest lines and understanding the mechanical grip in a F3 car. Once you have this mastered this, you will move on to the beautiful F1 car letting you feel aerodynamic forces whilst cornering at unimaginable speeds.

The circuit is exclusive for the duration of the event, so you can really feel the sheer thrill of these racing cars. Drivers are coached through a sequence of cars by professional instructors and a data analysis consultant will be on hand to further enhance your level of coaching.

With the idyllic backdrop of the Plaine des Maures nature reserve, as a VIP guest you will enjoy the breath-taking experience of driving a modern Le Mans Prototype racing car around a private former Formula 1 testing circuit.


VIP acrobatic Jet Flight

This is an experience that is not for the faint hearted! But an experience that you will remember forever. If you have ever seen an air show and wondered what it is like to hurtle through the air unencumbered by gravity, then this is the ride for you! This activity will have you hanging on for dear life as your instructor demonstrates the full capability of one of the world’s most advanced aerobatic airplane. This is perfect for a special occasion or anyone seeking a true ‘Top Gun’ experience. Upgrade your visit by having the whole experience filmed by Life dreams’ GoPro partners.

To book your unique experience, please call 0203 535 9290 or email info@simplexitytravel.com.

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