Luxury Weekend Getaways in Europe

When it is time for a quick weekend getaway, Europe is perfect. From the French Riviera to the Greek Islands, the continent has a wealth of nearby destination. With Simplexity Travel, it's easy to plan the perfect weekend break, whether you want a Parisian urban adventure or a rural Tuscan getaway.

Here you can find a taste of the kind of amazing weekend holidays Simplexity's dedicated Travel Managers love to plan for their clients.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland's Nordic charm is becoming more and more popular for citybreakers – and it is easy to see why. Although Iceland's cool temperatures do not scream luxury holiday, Reykjavik's cool suburbs and warm, glamorous spas, may be the exact place you're looking for to unwind.

With a flight time of just three hours and twenty minutes, Reykjavik is a short jaunt away. A morning flight could get you there before midday, leaving ample amounts of time to relax in the islands famous natural hot-springs. Your Travel manager can book you in at the exclusive Blue Lagoon where you can couple your spring bath with a menu of glorious in-water massages and beauty treatments.

After your relaxing afternoon, you could head to one of Reykjavik's premier restaurants. The city is a thriving gastrotourism destination. Dill is a lavish choice and is run by renowned chef Gunnar Karl Gislason. Specialising in Nordic food, Dill offers astounding service and beautiful cuisine that is slotted together in a haze of creativity. Along with President of the Icelandic Sommelier Association Ólafur Örn Ólafsson, Gislason has created a restaurant that leaves a lasting impression long after you've moved on.

Our Travel Managers recommend staying at the regal Borg Hotel for its elegant, uncluttered interiors and luxury service. Iceland is undoubtedly a place of wonder and adventure and this is the place to visit if you seek relaxation with a difference.

Venice, Italy

Venice is a destination that just keeps on giving. With tales of romance and decadent luxury entwined with its rich heritage, Venice is a magnificent destination for a weekend break. A mere 2.10 hours in the air and you will be on the lagoon. It's the ideal place to escape to.

Venice offers travellers opportunities to revel in the plush lifestyle at every corner. From the glamorous Mercerie shopping district, home to legendary Italian designer Gucci, to the world-renowned art galleries such as the Palazzo Ducale and the enchanting church known as the Basilica of St Mark, Venice has some of the finest, most opulent spaces in Europe.

When hunger finally overcomes your desire to explore the city, Venice reveals itself to be home to some of the world's finest restaurants. If seafood is what you are craving, the Osteria Boccadoro is the ideal place.

With sumptuous locally-sourced ingredients on offer, this restaurant has previously hosted an impressive clientele including the former Italian Prime Minister. Alternatively, the Locanda Cipriani revels in beautiful rustic dishes and boasts an historical clientele of Ernest Hemingway and Queen Victoria II.

After a tiring day, Venice is home to an elite selection of glamorous hotels. Centurion Palace is a premium choice. Located on the waterfront, the Centurion has a grade-A selection of staff on hand to assist you with your every need, along with 50 uniquely decorated rooms.

Monte Carlo- Monaco

Nestled into the beautiful Principality of Monaco, Monte Carlo is another impeccable place to visit for a weekend of luxury.

A city known for its riches and indulgences, Monte Carlo does not disappoint. With a flight time of 1.50hrs, this gem of a destination is a paradise that requires a shorter travel time than a train between London and Manchester.

When it comes to glamour, Monte Carlo doesn't fail to impress. With the city's famous Japanese gardens on hand to entice your senses and a dazzling casino square just waiting to entertain you, Monte Carlo provides a wealth of attractions to suit all tastes.

If culture is what you seek, your Travel Manager can book your balcony at the Opera de Monte Carlo, an historic venue, brimming class. Top off that cultured Riviera look by having your boat join the wealth of yachts that line the Monte Carlo harbour.

Back on shore, glorious restaurants are of no shortage.  Monte Carlo is home to Le Louis XV Alain Ducasse at Hotel De Paris: the first hotel restaurant to be awarded three Michelin Stars and ranks in San Pellegrino's list of the World's Best 100 Restaurants. They specialise in Mediterranean cuisine and are sure to provide one of the best meals you will ever experience.

Or perhaps you would prefer to dine at the Restaurant Joel Robuchon Monte Carlo that has two Michelin Stars and an open kitchen to enable direct contact with the chef as he prepares your meal. The menu is sophisticated, with Mediterranean influences, sating the tastes of anyone who enters.

After such a heavenly meal, you may not want to move too far. If you stay at the Hotel De Paris you will only have to walk upstairs to find a luxurious suite with stunning Mediterranean vistas waiting for you.

Now you've had a taste of what Europe's cities have to offer, why not find out what our Travel Managers can plan for you? Our travel itineraries are tailor-made to be the perfect fit for our clients. To try any of the wonderful experiences above, or something totally different, call us today on 0203 535 9290, or email

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