Must-Have Business Travel Technology


Everyone likes a new gadget – sometimes it’s just the thing to keep you entertained (and organised!) on yet another business flight. If you’ve got a long haul flight coming up, check out these five bits of cutting-edge travel tech to make things a little easier on yourself.


  1. The Robo-Suitcase

 Travel Technology

Long gone are the days of suitcases just being a way to store clothes and souvenirs. The modern-day business walk-on case is a TARDIS of tech.

Take the Bluesmart Smart Suitcase, for example. It can charge your phone six whole times, has an inbuilt GPS tracker (which makes it ideal for transporting sensitive material) and is regulation carry-on size for easy access.


  1. The High-Tech Bottle

 Travel Technology

Not everywhere you do business if going to have a great water supply. If you’re out in the field, installing satellite systems in Dubai, a water-purifying bottle could be a lifesaver!

Helpfully, CamelBak’s All Clear water bottle does just that, using a high-tech UV system to purify water, neutralising microbiological contaminants in the water it holds.


  1. MicroIron

 Travel Technology

If you travel with Simplexity, you will always be staying in the best hotels on your business trips – we will make sure the butler knows you need to be looking smart and sharp. But we know that a true professional leaves nothing to chance.

That’s why we love Hammacher Schlemmer’s mini-steam iron. You can rest assured that no matter how long your plane is delayed on the runway, you can straighten out that shirt before your meeting.


  1. Smart Data


Laptop, tablet, two phones… we need to take a lot of tech with us when doing business nowadays. Instead of trying to sort out four different data plans, or negotiate with your company’s provider, why not set up one plan and assign it to a MiFi device. It is like a small portable 4G router that lets you connect multiple devices at once, meaning you only have to set up data and pay one for one device when travelling.


  1. Failsafe Case


Sometimes, you just can’t afford for anything to go wrong. It is times like these that you wish your technology existed in an impenetrable force-field, impervious to the elements. 

The closest you can currently get to that is the Overboard waterproof iPhone case. You can take pictures, text and all the rest of it – you just can’t accidentally wreck your phone. The only trade-off is that it’ll take up a little more room in your bag/pocket.


A little bit of tech can go a long way. But the best way to ensure your business travel goes smoothly is to use Simplexity’s Business Travel Managers for all your company’s travel needs.


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