Quick Tips for a Breezy Short-Stay Business Trip


There’s a real art to mastering business trips, from the way you pack your case to the clothes you wear for the journey.

Our Business Travel Managers have planned hundreds of stress-free business trips for companies of all sizes. Here are some of the tips and tricks we have picked up on the way to perfecting whistle-stop business travel.

  1. Don’t try and beat jet lag

If you are flying out on a short-stay business trip, consider the fact that it might not even be worth trying to adjust to the new time zone. If your trip hinges on one big meeting or presentation, just make sure you feel awake and alert for that time-window: sleep, eat and drink appropriately and don’t pay any heed to the where the sun is in the sky, even if that means napping at noon or eating at 11pm.

  1. Bring a gift

If you want to impress your host, bring something along from home. Thought always beats expense, so try and bring something they can’t get in their own city – no matter how small. The thought will always be appreciated, it will break the ice and set a tone of you being assured, organised and in control.

  1. Consult your peers

When heading out on business, even if you have been there a dozen times before, it is worth asking colleagues who have also gone there for their business travel tips. It might turn out that you have been doing things the hard way or missing out on some great local gems.

  1. Buy a local paper

There’s no better way to get acquainted with the mood on the ground than by buying the first paper you can see (and read!). Finding out about local events and prevailing opinions will give you some much-needed small-talk ammunition and help you get into the mind-set of the people you are doing business with.

  1. Breeze through security

If you are only away for a few days, it pays to make some choices with airport security in mind. If you have to go through the full security procedure (e.g. you are not a frequent flyer), travel with as empty pockets (and as full hand luggage) as possible. Metal belts and accessories, bottles of liquids and handheld technology will just slow things up. Try and wear lace-free shoes and comfortable travel clothes.

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