For many of us keeping fit at home is no problem. We have our regular routines; whether it’s an early morning jog, a local gym or a spot of footie with mates on a Sunday morning. But the minute there’s a need to travel for business, whether at home or abroad, it all goes to pot. Quite literally.

There's many reasons why travelling has a negative impact on our health and fitness. Schedules are disrupted; we tend to eat far more than we would normally and there can be a reluctance to train in unfamiliar surroundings.

These reasons offer the perfect excuse to take a sneaky break from our regular fitness regimen. Yet on the flipside if you keep active whilst on your business trip, you’ll probably end up being more productive too. 

We spend much of our life on the move here at Simplexity Travel and we have laid out a few tips to ensure your business trip really does work out:

  • Bring your own food so you’re not tempted to pig out at the airport or train station
  • After a long journey it’s tempting to flop out on the hotel bed. But try and get into your new exercise routine as soon as you arrive. Make things easier by ensuring your workout gear is easily accessible in your luggage
  • Plan your workouts around your timetable. In an ideal world you should exercise around the same time every day, and that’s just as important when travelling. If you can do it first thing, so much the better
  • Hire a personal trainer – this will give you extra impetus no matter how tired you feel
  • Download an app like BodySpace - a great way to find alternative exercises to do when you’re in a hotel gym with unfamiliar equipment, or when you don’t have access to a gym at all

If you feel that a business trip is more than likely to see you fall off the fitness wagon, then here are a couple of hotels which have turned keeping fit into an art form:


Marriott Hotel Al Forsan, Abu Dhabi

The first dedicated sports hotel in the UAE, Marriott Hotel Al Forsan boasts a huge fitness centre overlooking an Olympic-sized swimming pool, connected to a separate leisure pool and bar. And if the personal training and cardio classes fail to keep you fit, then how about trying your hand at wakeboarding, polo or horse riding?



Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong

Located on the hotel's fourth floor, Base Camp Kerry Sports boasts picture perfect views of Hong Kong’s neon-lit skyline. Inside, you will find one of the city's best equipped fitness centres, along with a stunning 25-metre heated pool that will make you feel like you’re hovering above adjacent Victoria Harbour.

kerry hotel


Corinthia, London

BodySPace at ESPA Life at Corinthia is the hybrid fitness concept from London’s most respected fitness gurus, Stephen Price, of state-of-the-art Chelsea wellness consultancy SP&Co, and David Higgins, whose clientele includes the likes of Naomi Campbell and Gal Gadot (or Wonder Woman to you and me). Aside from access to the industry’s biggest names in health technologies, science, medical wellness, fitness and nutrition, BodySPace also offers physical and mental transformational programmes which have been designed to improve sleep, increase energy and reduce stress.

Corinthia London


The James New York Soho

With its floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over Manhattan and rows of Life Fitness machines, the hotel’s 17th-floor gym really is something else. You can even hop onto one of the ProForm stationary bikes that simulate routes in the Tour de France. And if the idea of doing sit ups in front of the city’s bold and the beautiful doesn’t appeal, then the hotel also provides video workouts for you to enjoy in the privacy of your own room.

The James Hotel

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