Six Reasons to Get a Travel Manager for Your Agency


You’re a creative agency with a global network of clients. One minute you’re making a TV ad in the wilds of Iceland, the next you’re on the hunt for beauty influencers in Paris. Working life is busy. Well, frenetic actually. You make a point of attending regular industry conferences which take you to LA, New York and beyond. And you’re constantly hustling for new business, better shoot locations or the next big thing. Which means you travel. A lot.

While we can’t slow the pace of your company entirely, we can take the stress out of travel – which frees you up for the important stuff. Generating ideas and shaking hands.

Here are six reasons you need a dedicated and experienced Simplexity Travel Manager in your corner.


1. We can take you anywhere

And we really mean anywhere. Need to be on the next flight to Rome? No problem. Got to source Boston Red Sox tickets to impress a client? We’ve got you covered. Need a connection from Hong Kong to Bali? Easy. From last-minute-panic flights to carefully-mapped-out-complicated itineraries, we can manage it all.


2. We can ensure a seamless transition from airport to meeting room and beyond

Picture the scene: you’ve just touched down in Toronto and have a pretty important client to meet. But Simplexity is by your side. We booked you on an early flight that gives you time to swing by your hotel (central location, super-comfy room) so you can have a shower before you do battle. We’ve arranged a car to pick you up, so no queuing for taxis. We’ve found the most amazing conference room for your meeting. The kind of space that says ‘we know what we’re talking about, do business with us’. And because we have every confidence this venture will be a success, we’ve booked a table at one of the hottest wine bars in town. Seamless.


3. We are internationally respected

And that means contacts. Lots of them. For over 6 years now our international team of travel managers have been at the very forefront of the travel industry. We have become a name to trust. We are well known by hotels, airlines, restaurants, clubs – you name it. And this means we can negotiate better deals for you.


4. We are available 24/7

Delays at LAX? Broken-down car in Delhi? Overbooked restaurant in Paris? We are always at the end of the phone to iron out any problems – big or small.


5. We are problem solvers

Our travel managers are reactive, agile, flexible types. We don’t just go through the motion when booking an itinerary, we consider everything. And it’s completely personal to you. If we’re booking a restaurant, we know your client is vegan. If we’re finding you a hotel, we know you like sophisticated hipster vibes. We know when things close, when things open. We know how to combat delays, cancellations or lost-in-translation moments. We are your travel oracles.


6. Most importantly, we leave you free to manage the important stuff: your business

We don’t mean to toot our own horns here but travel planning is hard. It’s complex. And it’s a full-time thing. If you’ve ever found yourself bogged down trying to coordinate flights for everyone in your office, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. When you make the decision to outsource all that finicky admin, you’ll see your productivity soar. Let us take care of your travel plans – so you can take care of everything else.


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