Stunning City Skylines You Need To See

Each great city of the world has a unique skyline, like a fingerprint, setting it apart from its rivals. Often, a country’s best cityscape easily rivals its natural wonders, striking the visitor with an imposing sense of awe.

So for all those who live the bight lights, dizzy heights and lit-up nights, our London Travel Managers have complied seven stunning photographs of the world’s most stunning city skylines.

1. Edinburgh

With Edinburgh Castle at its heart, Edinburgh is a classy, historic skyline best enjoyed from the ground looking up. The Balmoral’s proud clock tower makes a fine addition to that skyline and its famous cocktail bar is a fabulous place to spend the night.


2. Istanbul

The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and the minerets from over 3,000 other mosques prick the skyline of Istanbul. From the Ciragan Palace Kempinski, an old sultan’s palace by the bosphorus, you will be able to make the most of the beautiful cityscape.

3. Rio de Janeiro

Rio’s skyline is helped by the stunning natural assets it rests on. From Cristo Redentor to the bright, painted favelas which run up the hillsides, Rio is beautiful in every direction. Soak up the Rio’s European side from the stunning Art Deco façade at the Copacabana Belmond Hotel.

4. Incheon

South Korea’s third city has a uniquely modern, clean-cut skyline. The stars of the sky are a slew of modern, shapely skyscrapers by the river. The 102 Incheon Tower, a 102 floor addition, will be finished by 2018.

5. Manhattan

A second-rate skyscraper in New York would be an A-lister in any other city. There are so many to choose from, and since most are 20th Century builds, it lacks much of the soulless glass and steel found in other cities on this list. Most iconic of them all is the Empire State. Why not take up their offer of a dawn vigil in the Empire State Building Experience. See the sun rise on the East Coast from the heart of NYC.

6. Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s unique history means sometimes its streets resemble Liverpool, sometimes New York and sometimes Beijing. For the best view in town, you have to head to the top of Victoria Peak. For spacious rooms in notoriously cramped South East Asia, stay at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental.

7. Dubai

For its sheer size and ambition, Dubai must be included. Again a reliably blue sky, its world beating skyscrapers. The smart skyscraper fan will stay at the Ritz-Carlton rather than the Burj Al Arab or Burj Khalifa – they are so splendid, it would be a shame to be in them as opposed to looking at them! Looking at them from 5-star luxury, of course.


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