The End of Roaming Charges

Everyone has heard a data roaming horror story. Someone goes abroad without realising that their mobile data plan does not cover data usage while in another country and they get hit with a huge fee.

It is not just leisure holidaymakers who are affected either. Depending on the data plans you have set up at your company, your business travel budget could be hit heavily by team members conducting business on the phone while abroad.

The Beginning of the End

What enraged people most about data roaming charges was the difference between the rates charged at home and abroad. This was brought to the EU's attention in 2011, when they released a landmark statement warning data and mobile companies to bring the pricing into line with what it costs to provide.

Realising business could be won by limiting data roaming charges, many phone data providers have introduced a daily cap service where you pay a set price for every day that you use the internet while abroad. Three even dropped roaming charges altogether in four countries in 2015.

But this ultimately proved too little, too late to save the industry's favourite cash cow.

The Big Decision

Finally, in October 2015, 665 MEPs voted for a motion to ban roaming surcharges.

So are data roaming charges now gone forever? Not quite yet. The ban comes into effect on 15th June 2017, meaning you could still face large data costs on leisure and business travel this summer.

How to Avoid Data Roaming Fines Until 2017

Until the summer of next year, there are still many ways savvy travellers can avoid paying high roaming fees.

As mentioned above, Three's #MakeItRight campaign focuses on the ‘Feel at Home' promotion gives users free data roaming in 18 countries. Many other providers offer contract ‘add-ons' that allow data abroad at no extra cost. O2's European travel add-on will give you unlimited data for £1.99 per day, for example.

Remember that many deals apply to Europe only. Travellers going further afield may need to arrange something with their provider or use a local carrier.

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