It’s a fact you just can’t get away from: if you want to see the world, you’re going to have to clock up some air miles from time to time. Luckily our London Travel Managers have a few smart tricks up their sleeves to make those eight hours whizz by.


1. Stay Active

Sitting in one position can increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis to dangerous levels, so moving around should be an essential part of your flying experience.


2. Provide Your Own Entertainment

Even with the massive improvements to in-flight entertainment over the past 10 years, having your own device with your own apps, games, music and audiobooks is a sure way to make your flight easier.

If you love to read, Kindles are also great for a long haul flight. They’re specially designed to be easier to read than a tablet screen, their battery life is far superior and they’re much lighter than books, which will help your hand luggage capacity.


3. Bring Toiletries with You

Many airlines offer complimentary toiletries for first and business class customers. Even so, our Travel Managers always recommend bringing along your favourite essentials. A toothbrush in particular can be a welcome home comfort on a long flight!

A moisturiser is also an inflight essential if not provided. As we all know, the air is very dry in the pressured cabins and your skin can dry out remarkably quickly. Just made sure you carry less than 100ml.


4. Use Ear Plugs and Eye Mask

On premium seats, ear plugs and sleeping masks are complimentary. If you’ve never tried them before, you will probably be pleasantly surprised how much easier it can be to drift off in a light, humming cabin when using them both.


5. Bring a Jumper

When travelling to a warm destination, it’s easy to overlook how cold cabins can get, 40,000 ft in the air. Many airlines provide blankets – some of them beautiful designer fabrics – for their first and business class customers. But nothing beats the familiarity of a cosy jumper when you’re in an unfamiliar aeroplane.

Our Travel Managers are always looking for ways to make your journeys more comfortable. From take-off to touchdown and beyond, trust Simplexity Travel with all your arrangements. Call 0203 535 9390 or email to start your journey.