We all know the first quarter of the year can be somewhat of a let down after the festive, magical aura spun by Christmas.


Gone are the tantalising cakes, puds and festive treats. In their place is soggy lettuce and evenings at the gym. The alluring festive lights that added spark to everyday sights have also been remove, and the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon seems to have been taken literally.


Furthermore, those dark nights are becoming more of a nuisance than a wonderful time to snuggle up and indulge in a tasty stew.


In short, things are a little dull.


But what can we do about this? How can we beat the season of all things bleak?


Well, you can go on a luxurious holiday, that’s how!


Here at Simplexity Travel Management, we adore the idea of our clients treating themselves to a fantastic, relaxing break. And what’s more, we’d love the chance to help you organise it too.


So below, take a look at our eight reasons why you deserve a break this easter.


1. You’ve been working too hard


It happens to everyone.


We all return to the same desk we were so eager to leave in December, and those office walls suddenly start to feel a lot more suffocating than you remember.


That mushy tuna sandwich you got for lunch really isn’t appealing. The phones won’t stop ringing, and your email inbox is fit to burst.


There’s hardly anytime to think, let alone take some time for yourself. Which leads us nicely to our first point: you’ve been working too hard. Do you remember what it was like to simply sit back and do nothing? Or explore somewhere new? We say it’s time you revisited these vital life experiences.


Going on holiday really can open the door to this kind of mindset. Whether you’re looking to pad along the glorious beaches in Dubai, or perhaps you want to take in the awe-inspiring views of the iconic Grand Canyon, whatever it is you’re after, you have every right to chase after it.


You deserve a break.


2. Christmas wasn’t REALLY relaxing


Think back. Did the Christmas break really allow you to unwind?


Or was it more about organising presents for everyone, running around shops, cooking a mammoth meal, writing cards to people you hardly ever see and then panicking when you realised you’d forgotten the sprouts?


We thought so.


Christmas wasn’t really a holiday. It was more of a stress inducing week disguised as one. So make the most of those Easter holidays quickly approaching, and don’t be fooled into a ‘fake break’ yet again!


Go away, and really find some time to rediscover yourself. You won’t miss exchanging chocolate eggs and cooking that sunday roast, we promise.


3. There are some fantastic deals


Alongside the bank holidays, Easter also gives way to some fantastic holidays deals.


Whether you’re looking to visit the glossy beaches of Hawaii, or perhaps you want to explore the animated lights of New York City, the perfect deal could be out there for you right now.


There really is no excuse not to have a look.


And if you really don’t have the time, let us take a look for you.


Travel management is our niche; our calling, and we’d love to help you make that dream trip a very real reality.


4. It’s been 10 months since you last went away.


When was the last time you went away?


If it was last summer, that means it was at least 9 or 10 months ago.


And if you didn’t get away last year, it’s probably been even longer.


Ask yourself why this is the case.


If there are great deals out there, your money may get you a lot further than you think.


You deserve a break, plain and simple. And the fact that it’s been so long since you last had one could be having a negative effect on your health…


5. Holidays are good for you


Which leads us nicely onto our next point.


Holidays have a very positive effect on your health.


The brain is more powerful than a lot of people realise, and if yours is clogged up with a tangled web of stress and anxiety, it’s time you took a break.


Stress can lead to a wealth of health issues, so going away is not only good for your soul, but it’s vital for your wellbeing too.


A holiday will allow you to banish the stresses of everyday life, and focus more time on yourself. And not only will you feel relaxed when you’re away, you’ll also return to work feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on any new challenges.


6. You deserve a little more adventure


When you’re working 9-5, 5 days a week, and your weekends are constantly clogged up with catching up on work you just haven’t had time to do, adventure becomes the last thing on your mind.


But it’s not your fault, it happens to the best of us. We all want to succeed in our careers, and sometimes other things fall by the wayside.


But taking the time to seek out a little more adventure can really help you feel like a new person, as well as recentering your focus on what really matters in life.


Adventure is what gets our heart racing; it’s what makes life interesting and gives it that exciting edge. You deserve that just as much as anyone else does on this planet.


So take the opportunity to get out there and see the world.


7. Holidays can improve your relationship


With the slog of everyday life, important relationships can sometimes suffer. You don’t always have time for your partner, or your children, and it can be incredibly easy to lose sight of what really matters.


Scarily easy, in fact.


But going away together will help rectify this.


Spending time with loved ones will not only help repair any strained relationships, it could also give them a new lease of life too.


If you take the time to remember why you really all came together in the first place, you may rediscover what it is you love about your family and friends; what it is that makes them the most important thing in your life.


Just don’t forget what you learnt once you’re back home again.


8. It will broaden your mind


Finally, everyone has heard the overused saying ‘travel broadens the mind’.


But these cliches quotes become cliched for a reason; because they are true.


Travel will broaden your mind. Seeing new things, experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and seeing how their lives differ from you own will undoubtedly lead you down a path of self reflection.


Interested in going away this Easter?


Taking a holiday doesn’t just have to be about getting away. It can also be about reconnecting with loved ones, seeking adventure and exploring what’s out there beyond what you see everyday.


That is what travel is really about; getting back in touch with yourself via the relaxing, inspiring scenes around you.


Yet sometimes, our busy schedules can leave little time to actually plan a break.


That’s where we come in.


Here at Simplexity Travel Management, we’re experts at organising tailor made luxury leisure breaks, and would love to help you along with discovering the perfect trip for you.


No ask is too big or too small, and we can manage your travel arrangements no matter where you want to go in the world.


Once you get in touch, you’ll be assigned your own account manager who will really get to know you and what you’re looking for in a holiday. What’s more, we’re also contactable by phone 24/7, meaning there will always be someone on hand to assist you with whatever you need, wherever you are.


To find out more, give us a call on 0203 535 9290. You can also sign up to our website for free, or email us at info@simplexitytravel.co.uk.


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