Imagine never having to plan your company’s travel ever again. It’s a nice thought, but does it make business sense to delegate your travel planning to an external agency?

Here, our Travel Managers explain why outsourcing your travel management needs could be the best thing you ever do for your company and your profit margins.


    1. Get the Rates of a Big Company for a Smaller Price

Using a business travel management agency gives you access to their network. As travel management professionals, they will have pre-existing ties with travel industry operators that you will benefit from. Arrangements and deals with hotels and airlines will allow them to pass on discounted business travel rates which can make a big difference to your bottom line.

    1. Gain Instant Access to an Established Business Travel Network

As well as saving you money, a travel management company can offer a wide range of perks that individual companies can’t offer when booking business travel alone. Bonuses like free upgrades, better rooms in hotels and comps for your employees will boost morale, help staff-retention and turn business travel from a chore into a treat.

    1. In the Hands of Experts

Let’s face it – it’s often the more junior members of your team that arrange business travel. But a junior team member can only produce a junior-level travel itinerary.  Why settle for less with your business travel? Travel Managers are business-trip-planning professionals and the difference in the quality of the trips they organise will blow you away when compared to a junior PA. From an instinctive knowledge of how far airports are from your meeting, to which hotels will suit your team, Travel Managers are experts with the experience to ensure every business trip is a success.

    1. Free up your Staff

Free from the burden of planning a complicated business trip, your staff will be able to focus on their regular work, freeing them up to contribute to the commercial production of your business rather than internal planning and admin. As the ongoing travel planning work of checking flight times and changing reservations is outsourced, you will see productivity sky rocket.

    1. Fit More in

By planning every movement down to a tee in an accurate business travel itinerary, your business party will be able to shake more hands, explore more options and wow more clients. Booking hotels in the right locations and knowing the best transport links will streamline your company’s travel, opening up a world of new opportunities.


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