Now that borders between Cuba and the outside world are lifting, it is the perfect time to visit one of the most unique, historic countries in the world.


Here are five of the best experiences you could have while you are there, crafted by the leisure travel managers at Simplexity.


1. Strawberries like never before


For a truly luxurious travel eating experience in Cuba, dine at La Guardia, made famous as the restaurant visited by Diego and David in the classic Cuban film Fresa y Chocolate.


Serving delicate dishes of traditional Spanish cuisine with a modern, Cuban twist, La Guarida is a paladar (Cuban restaurant) unlike any other. It needs to be visited to be truly appreciated.


2. Drive a fantastically grand and impractical car


If you have a love for classic American cars, Cuba should be on your hit-list. With an estimated 60,000 classic cars on the streets of Cuba today – such as the world renowned 1957 Chevrolet or the 1958 Dodge – many are taxis, so it is easy to find yourself inside one of these elegant, historic vehicles.


In just a short taxi journey, you could also visit Cuba’s incredible car museum, the Depósito, to see one of the world’s finest classic car collections waxed and in mint condition.


3. Set sail from Old Havana


There are two ferries in Havana that depart from the harbour right at the centre of the city in the historic old Havana district. The ferries sail out in either direction every 20 minutes, and you can choose to venture out to the town of Casablanca or Regla. The trips are both only brief (at around 15 mins each), but the view of the Capital is remarkable.


Regla is a rustic, authentic town with narrow, tiled streets, restaurants with sumptuous menus and – following the Cuban tradition – numerous street food venders, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture.


Casablanca is an extremely small town renowned for its incredible viewing point of Havana, and its dominating stone statue of Christ.


4. Experience the heady world of Cuban cigars


While we do not condone smoking, if you are a smoker, our top leisure travel managers would recommend visiting a cigar store and purchasing a box of the world-renowned Cuban cigars, perhaps an expensive Cohiba Esplendido.


You will be able to get recommendations from shop owners at venues like La Casa del Habano, Fabrica de Tabacos and La Casa del Habano, who can advise you on your perfect cigar. For a very special occasion, you might want to pair your cigar with a glass of Havana rum – perhaps a 7 year-old Anejo for a truly luxurious Cuban experience.


5. Get lost in the labyrinthine of Camagüey


While you might have a regimented schedule for your trip, it is best to leave some unorganised time spare to wonder the romantic, historic and untouched streets of Camagüey.


This rule-breaking Spanish colonial town is unlike any other. Rather than the grid-like street systems of the rest of Cuba, Camagüey is laid out like a maze. With old, beautiful Catholic churches, triangular plazas and ornate, traditional art around every twist and turn, this area is well worth your time.


These are just a small sample of the truly unique experiences our London-based leisure and business travel managers recommend. If you would like to speak with one of our advisors and start planning a trip to Cuba, get in touch at