You’ve set up your own business and things are going well. So, well, in fact, that you’re considering expansion. You want to ride the crest of this entrepreneurial wave and broach new markets in far-flung lands. This undoubtedly means travel – and lots of it. It means red-eye flights and sleepy-eyed breakfasts. PowerPoints and power lunches. Boardrooms and bars. It’s an exciting and daunting prospect. And during this frenetic time you’ll have a million and one things to think about – so take travel worries off the list.


At Simplexity, our global team has industry-leading experience in corporate travel. We know how to negotiate the best deals and find the quickest routes – so you can grow your business with ease.



    1. We can maximise your time with clients


We can put together completely whizzy itineraries that will allow you to attend that board meeting in Paris in the morning and show your face at that industry event in Rome in the evening. We know that where business travel is involved, time is of the essence. It’s all about squeezing as much value from your days away from the desk as possible. This necessitates seamless flight connections, reliable airport transfers and central hotels.


    1. We can make you look impressive. Really impressive


Forget what your parents taught you. Appearances are everything. People want to do business with the person in the shiny limousine, who presents his idea in a state-of-the-art board room and happens to have access to all the hottest venues in town. At Simplexity, we’re proud to partner with some of the biggest names in travel. Our comprehensive contacts book ranges from swish hotels to swift cars. Turbo charge your first impression.


    1. We’re here for you 24/7


We’re always at the end of the line. Whether you want to book a last-minute flight, find a table at an overbooked restaurant, book a bigger meeting space or make changes to your onwards journey, we can help you quickly and efficiently. That’s one less thing to worry about.


    1. We think that no trip should be all work no play


You went to New York because you wanted to meet a client there and look into some potential office space. But who says you can’t sample some of the fun bits too? We know the best bars for schmoozing clients, the ultimate coffee shops for networking and the most beautiful galleries for some ‘me time’ Zen.


    1. We’ll make sure you get your home comforts – no matter where you are in the world


We have great relationships with all of our hotels and are confident making diva-ish requests on behalf of our clients. Need a hypo-allergenic pillow? Absolutely have to have The Irish Times to start your day? Would really like your bedroom to face due East to get the morning sun? Your wish is our command.



Talk to a member of the Simplexity team about how we can take the hard work out of business travel.