When venturing to another country for business, taking the time to really do your research and getting to know a country can be vital to the success of your trip.

Here at Simplexity Travel, our Corporate Travel Managers can organise every aspect of your trip, from booking your private jet, to managing your stay in a five-star hotel.

Naturally, though, there will be times where you might want to do things for yourselves. From tracking your flight to keeping an eye on the weather, we explore the apps facilitating greater insight and a premium travel experience.

1. TripIt

TripIt is an all-inclusive travel app for those who like everything in one place. Whether you need to store your reservation numbers, flight times or numbers, TripIt is the perfect place for all of your information. While your Corporate Travel Manager will organise every aspect of your business trip for you, it is still worthwhile having everything in one place.

By collating this information, you can rest safe in the knowledge that all your travel requirements are close to hand. The app will ensure you don’t miss any reservations, vital meetings or flights and will act as somewhat of a virtual assistant, helping you keep to your tight business schedule.

2. WeatherPro

Regardless of how meticulous our Corporate Travel Managers are, one thing that can be unpredictable is the weather. Installing an app such as WeatherPro will ensure you can prepare for whatever the heavens have in store each day.

Entering a meeting with an important client in exactly the right attire for the weather will help you look professional, and will also set you at ease for the rest of the day.

3. XE Currency

When travelling, shifting between currencies can sometimes prove challenging. Your Corporate Travel Manager will ensure you get the best deal on your sterling. However, this app gives you instant feedback on the value of sterling against the destination currency.

Converting currencies enables you to see whether the restaurant you are choosing has a suitable price tag for your client meeting. This will help you gauge whether the chosen spot is likely to impress your client.

4. Tipulator

The expected value of a tip varies around the world. In the UK, 10% makes for an expected tip, while in the US, 20-25% is expected. Tipulator takes care of this for you.

By simply inputting a few key details about your meal, the price and location, it will tell you how much is a suitable tip amount so that you can avoid that awkward moment when you don’t leave enough by accident.

5. Better Translator Pro

While English might be considered a “global language, if you want to be respectful of the culture you are visiting, you may want to master a smattering of the local language. Better Translator Pro helps you learn key phrases such as hello, goodbye and thank you, so that you can impress clients with your local knowledge, and surprise the locals.


There is no denying that these apps and others like them will positively impact your business trip. Speak with your Corporate Travel Manager to explore how we can help make you and your clients’ experience as positive as possible.

From organising your flights on your very own private jet, to booking the best penthouse rooms in the top nearby hotel, we guarantee your experience will not be marred by unnecessary complications. With the help of these apps, you will have a flawless business experience. Get in touch with your Corporate Travel Manager today to see how we can help by calling 0203 535 9290, or by emailing us on info@simplexitytravel.com.