Maybe your team has gone above and beyond and you want to reward them. Or perhaps it’s the 25th anniversary of the company’s inception. Whatever the reason for taking your team on a ski trip, there are some things to keep in mind when organising a group skiing trip. Organising a large group of people is never an easy task but it can be simplified to make it easier for you and a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all involved.



Choose a destination


There are many ski destinations across the globe to choose from. Some of the most famous and accessible are in Europe. Maybe you could pick a selection and the put it to your team to vote for their favourite. It may take a little time to sit down and decide, but some factors to think about should help guide you are:



    • Times of flights and destinations


    • Would you prefer a quaint traditional village or a large bustling ski town?


    • What are the après ski options?


    • Are there other activities on offer besides skiing/snowboarding?


    • Is guaranteed snow cover more important than ski to door accessibility?




Aim to please the majority


Like so many things in life, you can’t please everyone. Maybe most of your team are keen to go skiing in Courchevel, but there are two account managers who are adamant on going to St Anton am Arlberg. It’s best to go with the most popular choice and more than likely the others will have a good time regardless of where they go and what they do.




Plan ahead


Organising travel is not as straightforward as it used to be, and when organising a group of professionals on a skiing trip abroad it can seem even more of a struggle. The sooner your trip is planned the better. Planning well in advance takes the pressure off you and allows for any afterthoughts to be incorporated into your schedule.




Consider skiing abilities


Not everyone in your office is going to be at Olympic skiing levels, but you also don’t want to sign everyone up to the ski school either. To avoid embarrassment and awkward situations, ask around your office as to what everyone’s skiing abilities are and go from there.



Think about the après-ski options


With so many people going on your ski trip it’s important to think about the other entertainment and facilities aside from skiing. It could be a disaster if the ski resort you chose has only one good restaurant and bar leaving you and your group to revisit the same places throughout your trip.


Look for somewhere with a wide range of restaurants that offer varied cuisines. Maybe your team are after some R&R after skiing, so somewhere with a health spa is a great option. If your team is a rather lively bunch, then a good nightclub could be a great way to cap off your days.



Speak to a Travel Manager


Get in touch with a Simplexity Travel Manager who are all well versed in even the most difficult of travel itineraries and requirements. From collecting your team members and taking them to the airport, accommodation, transport to the ski resort and even ski hire, a Simplexity Travel Manager will take care of all the details.


To make sure your office skiing trip is a complete success speak to a Travel Manager today and call us today on 0203 535 9290 or email